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Is Weed Making Me Lazy? Want To Utilize My High, Need Suggestions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by brettthethreat, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! So lately I've been smoking less and less weed. I think it's because I feel like it's making me lazy. Smoking just isn't the same anymore. I feel like when I smoke, I go from being sober to immediately being burnt out. I find it hard to accomplish anything and my motivation plumets. It hasn't always been this way, but I feel like it's because I've been smoking the same shit the same way for the last 5 years. 
    Basically my question is this: do you guys have any suggestions on new ways I can smoke or things I can do to become active and awake while high, instead of lazy and unmotivated? Also, what strains of weed will make me focused, energized, and motivated to get things done? For example, my friends have been making weed honey. I know people who only eat edibles. I've seen lots of new portable vaporizers on the market. I'm just wondering what suggestions you guys may have.
    I don't wanna stop smoking weed forever, but if I keep going like this, I'm gonna have to quit before I fuck myself over. 

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    Vaporizing gives you a more energetic high, it's obviously not stimulating but it'll keep you moving and you can still be high.

    HIGHLY recommend looking into one.
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    My vaporizer actually knocks me out harder than the bong if I use it more than once. I get the same as you OP but it's because I smoke/vape too much at the moment and I know I do lol. Maybe stop for a while or smoke once in the evening, or just in the evening so you wont feel burnt out during the day?
    Edibles i'd avoid because you'll be couchlocked for a long time. Vaporizing sativas or just vaporizing a small amount of herb on a low temp should work.
  4. It's all about getting used to it. If you usually smoke then sit around then that is what your body is going to want to do. I love vaping a trench and going for a run, it makes the high so much better.
    I find the key for me if I have something to do is to start doing it within 10 minutes of smoking. That usually puts me in the perfect state of mind for the task and keeps my high focused on it.
  5. I have the same problem sometimes so I try to energise myself before I smoke. I go for a run then smoke while drinking a coffee then try and go for a ~10-20 min walk down to the shops or something directly after smoking. I've found that it really keeps me feeling awake for the whole high.

    Sometimes I even smoke then go for a jog (usually not too far, 4-5km) - i know this probably sounds INSANE but its really helped me to stop burning out so fast when i smoke.

    worth a try! hope it helps
  6. Just smoke another bowl, you will end up at the nearest Tacobell
    It sounds like you need to change up what you are smoking. If you have been smoking the same strain for 5 years you are burnt out on it for sure. Try a sativa or three ;)
    I find that if I smoke and then try to do something I get lazy and don't do it. I like to gather all my suppplies for the task that I want to do then spark up a jay and finish the prep for my job. Then I can work high and have everything I need right there so I am not constatly looking for the stuff I don't have because I was stoned and forgot it.
    Make a goal and write it down before you smoke. This sounds kinda stupid but it gives you a check list of things to get done and you don't stand artound all DOH...
    I am pretty high myself so I am sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense but I hope you get the idea.
    Peace :wave:
  8. Try a different strain.
    Try instead of smoking, use edibles (firecrackers are quite well the easiest).
    Plus, if you feel lazy, just fight that urge and start doing something and you will see how motivated you become once you start doing it for at least 5 minutes.
  9. try drink a redbull right after ur sesh gauentee ur not gonna be lazy i go biking all the time
  10. haha, i used to feel like that when I smoked. You have to realize that weed can work either way- it can make you really focused, or it can make you feel like not doing anything. I think that it is all about your mindset, not really the weed that you are smoking. If you go into a high with a clear mind and with a desire to perform a task (homework, music, etc), then weed can really help you stay motivated and tune out the rest of the world around you. On the other hand, if you just get high just to get high and without any focuses in mind, then you will just be couch locked and not feel like doing anything
  11. Before you get stoned, make a list of things you need to do. Get stoned, kick back for a bit, then look at the list and pick one! Do it and promise yourself a 15 minute break (use a timer) and a puff when done. When the job is done, have your puff, relax 15 minutes.The bell goes "ding", you tackle the next thing on your list! Repeat until list is completed!
    Put on some good reggae or other lively music! Music affects your mood more than most of you think!
    A cup of coffee, tea or an energy drink wouldn't hurt, either!
  12. ^^ very nice
  13. Or don't get quite so blazed?
    Spaced, I'm not much good for a lot of things.
    Pretty high...can usually get everything done, np.
  14. I know the feeling.
    I combat this with caffeine.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I always get terrible munches and just snack out when I smoke, and then I'm all lethargic. So my new rule, was to eat a light meal prior to smoking, and then do something active after I smoke, like skateboard or go for a walk. If I'm already tired, then I'll maybe read a book or some articles on the Internet. I try not to just sit down and watch cartoons, even though I love doing that haha.
  16. The best way is to vaporize and drink a couple coffees
  17. jza  "i love smoking a trench..."      wtf is a trench?   taking a stab -> lingo from MFLB wavy design?  ive never actually seen one of those things in person...but since it was about vaping i figured it might be it
  18. ey vato looks like we have the same problem. I just drink smoke now. I smoke 2 blunts and drink one to two beers while smoking. I still get faded as fuck but more energetic. 
  19. I find that when I'm really high I'm more motivated then just a little high. Also try meditating before and after you smoke to focus yourself and your mind. 

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