is weed legal on native american reservations?

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  1. cause dont they have their own laws and everything right? if its illegal there that would be really fucked up cause that means white people came to america enslaved them stole their land then apologized and gave them SOME of their land back and told them they have to follow THEIR laws. im part native american and i am very offended by that.
  2. I'm part native American.

    But I'm way more fuckin' Irish.

    I think my great grandmother was full cherokee.
  3. Um did you never pay attention in history class? The entire world has done this, and in some parts of the world continue to do this.
  4. Reservation laws are independent of the Federal Government.

    Most reservations still treat Cannabis as a controlled substance, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few that don't.
  5. if only . . .

    don't matter though

    weed is pretty much legal here

    i can walk down the street smoking a bowl

    no probs
  6. neither of you guys answered the question so i will,

    i don't know.........

    Google is your friend
  7. On and around the reservation(s) here it's not legal but it's not treated badly at all. I've smoked with several tribal police and several 'normal' police (don't know what else to call them).

    Here it's generally if the person is an ass and gives them a harder time than necessary just because they're a cop, then the cop (rightfully so) will be an ass to them and they'll get in trouble for it. When the happens usually the most you'll get is just a fine and a night in jail.

    It's not legal but nobody really cares about it either. Cops here (tribal and non tribal) are generally good guys. Although, like everywhere there are the few bad cops that can ruin it for everyone. You just avoid them though.
  8. Tribal police? Where are you guys from?:confused:
  9. You must be like the "part Jew" I went to High School with that got offended every time some one called her a Jew. Bitch didn't even practice her "religion".
  10. most BIA officers can give a non indian a traffic violation but if u choose to never pay it they are out of thier jurisdicition to come after you for the money. so if ur gonna race cars or motorcycles, do it on the rez.
  11. oh my god give me a damn break
  12. No kidding. Lawlz.
  13. Thank you! I am so sick of people talking like America is the only place where people were ever kicked off their land or enslaved!

    I'm not defending the settlers taking the land from the indians, or slavery. But for fucks sake, do your homework on this topic before you bitch about it! Slavery has been around since the dawn of mankind, and so has the concept of taking land from another group of people who already live there.

    American indians tribes fought each other almost yearly over land. If the hunting and shit wasn't going too good where a group of indians lived, and there was good hunting on some land nearby where some other indians lived, guess what would happen? They would run the other tribe off of the good land so they could have it for themselves!

    And as far as slavery goes, has anybody ever heard of the slaves in Egypt, Asia, or Africa for that matter? All through history stronger groups of people have massacred weaker groups of people, taken their land, and enslaved the survivors.

    Again, I'm not saying any of that shit is okay. But get the fuck off pretending Americans invented this behavior!
  14. thank u

    its who we are..
    slavery is always there, whatever we see it or not

    i belive that religion=slavery
    now dont get all mad at me, it just my personal opinion...

  15. Wow, fuck you.

    Yeah we kicked you off your land, back then it was the most natural dog eat dog land. It was a brutal time period but what happened happened. Be glad you are where you are today. You have many, many private reservations where you can do whatever the hell you want. Our laws don't matter whatsoever on your private land. You can get out of many, many legal situations. You have more rights than I do. Oh yeah, and on top of that, you can easily get a full ride scholarship to a legit school.

    So, shut the fuck up and be thankful you are, where you are.
  16. I'll trade you
    that necklace, for a kilo of your weed.
    it's a good deal, you can look pretty and u just grow your stuff so why would it matter?
  17. i hope youre joking.:devious:
  18. is that supposed to make up for everything that happened??


    and yeah. people need to shut the fuck up about slavery. especially in the united states. it's over. stop dick riding the past. and there's still slavery today so why don't we focus in on that instead of dead past bullshit. :)
  19. I lived on a Native American reservation for about a week in Minnesota as part of a "Habitat for Humanity" project a year back. As much as I don't believe it was truly legalized, it is very much tolerated. In fact, the woman who owned the house I worked on smoked regularly.

  20. Tut tut tut tut tut....

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