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Is weed good for joint pain?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by the_tobzster, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,So for a while now I have been having pretty bad joint pain/uncomfortableness (especially in the ankles, wrists, neck, etc)... Anyway I have been smoking weed now for about a year and a half now, a few times I have felt relief in my joints but a lot of the time I don't. Is this strain specific??Would a tincture or cream to rub on the joints help? Or will smoking suffice(strain dependent)?Thanks for any help, really appreciate it. I don't know what my joint issues are from since I don't have any form of arthritis or anything.Sent from Space on board the Galactic Bluntship
  2. Indica's are better for pain/discomfort. I recommend trying some Kush strains.
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  3. Maybe some oil or hash? Why not!
  4. Take a rip of 25% - 30% THC cannabis.. you will feel no pain after. Promise :p
  5. [quote name="Xeno321" post="19458338" timestamp="1391445533"]Indica's are better for pain/discomfort. I recommend trying some Kush strains.[/quote]Thanks for the info man. Will definitely try out some indica strains, only problem is, that being in the UK I can't really pick and chose the strain I get from dealers... The illegality or it just sucks! Might have to buy some online and see how it goes, cheers!Sent from Space on board the Galactic Bluntship
  6. Your saying sativas are main in the uk? There is now like 2 things I like about the UK.  Just have all your dealers text you the strain names and use leafy or some other site to see if that strain is sativa or indica dominant. Can also check out what other people think of the strain and what its best used for.  
  7. Have you thought about growing?
  8. Several months ago I bought a very high cbd content strain from a dispensary and man I could definitely tell the difference on my body. Nothing else ever felt like that. I am waiting for better cbd researched stains to come out.
    topical preparations are what i use. 
    2 or 3 gm hash oil in a cup of a body lotion like Dr. Bronner's.
    Dr. Bronner's makes stuff besides soap.
  10. No. You need CBDs
  11. Edibles are some of the best medicine for body pain
  12. Will it help with pain? Yes. It may even help reduce inflamation. But I'd be concerned about it masking the problem. I would find out the cause of the pain and treat that. It could be a number of things.
  13. [quote name="BigBabyLegs1203" post="19458576" timestamp="1391448946"]Have you thought about growing?[/quote]Yeah I have haha... But I can only grow during the summer, since I can't afford to have an indoor grow, particularly in my parents house lol! They are just about cool with me doing it outdoors :pSent from Space on board the Galactic Bluntship
  14. they have a high cbd hemp oil that could help ya, Granny Storm Crow has some info on it.
  15. Oh I see well if I was you I would try to find some more indica strains. Try some strong og 
  16. It honestly doesn't matter if you ask me. I tore my labrum and had surgery a while back and both sativa and indica worked for me. The indica obviously helps numb the pain, but the sativa still helps numb the pain but mainly really helps bring your spirits up

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