Is weed fun? I've never smoked...

Discussion in 'General' started by flurmy1, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I've always wanted to try since my dad smoke everyday 24/7 from papers to bongs to pipes. Then I moved with my mom to Illinois and now i wanna smoke so badly. Idk where to get it, and if its worth trying. I tried my first swisher last week. I'm 19 btw
  2. Going to a weed forum and saying 'is weed fun?' Is equivalent to going to the line at the Twilight Breaking Dawn release and asking the people in the line if they like Twilight.

    So yes it is fun and since you are curious about it you should try it.
  3. Keep it real, and keep it cool. Everything you feel, taste, see, hear, touch will feel more vivid. Imagine laying on clouds up in the sky. Perfect bliss, any fears you once had will appear trivial. Any joys you have will make you overwhelmed with happiness. If you ever get paranoia usually it is from being scared of getting caught by authorities. Peace.
  4. its nothing special
  5. No, it sucks. Drink alcohol

  6. THIS ^
    No better way to say it. Paranioa will always happen to smokers the first few times if you get too high. Just take a hit, chill, then wait a minute, and go on
  7. Dude. Welcome to the wonderful, expensive, blissful, paranoid life of being a stoner..

    Jumped the gun.

    Go to your local skate park and ask the dealers (should be fairl easy to distinguish) if they got any bud.

    Then ask for a dub.


    Go to your Local Head Shop and buy a mini bong or cheap pipe.

    Go get high.

    Then my first statement will apply to you.
  8. You only live once. Go for it man.
  9. weed + psytrance = :hippie:
  10. haha "is it worth trying" hahahahah

  11. Not even once kids. Just say no!

    [ame=]Harper's New Anti-Pot Ad Campaign - YouTube[/ame]
    ^kids inside the house are obviously drinking alcohol <_<
  12. The thing is...I'm not actually sure if he's ^ serious or not :laughing:
  13. ^why did this guy have grass in a bag? and why in his locker too?
  14. [​IMG]

  15. [​IMG]
  16. my friend said he'd hook me up with a swisher and some dank. IS dank as good as weed?
  17. you a troll bro? Dank is da dank.
  18. why would you want to smoke?

    its one of the most addicting and dangerous substances on the planet.
  19. This isn't even a real site. This is an FBI site used to dupe people into confessing their sins. We are tracking your IP and men with spas-12 shotguns will be kicking down your door within the hour.
  20. Is the Space Pope reptilian?

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