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Is weed ever too old?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by topballin08, Sep 1, 2008.

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    im not the best at spotting good weed from bad weed. i just smoke with my friends every once in a while. the point is i found a packed dimebag in my brothers desk. it is well over 4 years old. all of it is shake now, brownish and crispy. it still has a strong scent but im not even 100 percent sure its weed. it could be wondering if such old and dry weed could give a high
  2. yeah it could get you high..but it may not be the best for guessing that shit would burn and prolly wouldnt taste to well
  3. smoke it. ive smoked weed older than that and it does get ya high just not as high
  4. The THC would most likely have degraded over all this time. Not completely, but a lot of it. The taste and smoke will be awful since it will be completely dried out. But it will get you high, just check it for mold.
  5. is it really worth it to smoke 4 year old weed?

    i would say no
  6. Weed has the uncanny ability to be smokable even after years and years of just sitting around. However, it comes down to how you package it. If the bag was sealed, no mold, no inherint damage to the bud, etc., than it is smokable. Won't get you as high as if you smoked it the day of, but it's weed.
  7. Its not going to taste good but it should get the job done. I have smoked bud about that old before and it wasn't too bad. The THC will dissipate after time, what was it in?
  8. just in a dime, no jar, no nothing
  9. Found a 20 yr old stash of a relatives. That shit was so brown and crumbled like dust. I would say yeah, weed can get "too old".
  10. Haha! One time I bought a dub that was brown. It was very dry broke really easy and burned fast.
    Everyone said it wouldn't get you high but hell yes it did.
    So...the moral of the story was No. Weed can never be too old!
  11. throw it is a big baggy with a slice of bread. the bread will give moister to everything in the bag.
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  13. My neighbor showed me his bong and pipe collection from his hippy days and he had a few nugs left in the box he kept all his stuff in. we filled one of the bongs toked it up and got high than i pulled out my weed and we got blasted. especially him he hadent smoked in over 20 years.
  14. I love smoking with old schoolers. The most hardcore smoker I know is a 35yr smoking veteran, and man does he have lungs of steel. I've seen him cache and clear an entire 1gam bong bowl with his nose.
  15. THC content is up to about 30% on the best strains, that means 6 years. you contradicted yourself
  16. or it could be 5% of the total thc.
    so 5% of 30%
    so say 1 gram has 25% thc. thats .25 of a gram. then 5% of that which is 0.2375?
  17. It's 5% of the total. So a magical 30% strain would only lose 1.5% in the 1st year at around room temperature.

    Buds last for a long time. One of the most interesting facts in that book is that hash deteriorates MUCH quicker than buds. This is because the trichomes are broken open when hash is made.
  18. so does that mean the pollen from a grinder can degrade in quality while your waiting for it to add up? how long does hash last?
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    Motherfucker. I see we have a genius in the group tonight.

    If THC content is originally at 30%, who would let it get old?

    Let's back it off to 10% even, for easy math. So you got your dope and it's 10% THC content, right?

    Take 5% off, cause you lost it and found it a year later. Now think: 10% = 1 unit = original potency of weed at purchase.

    knock 5% off of 1 unit, you have .95 unit. Take .95 unit multiply 10% THC content, and you have 9.5% THC content after one year.

    But this is an accelerated decay, it's 5% on 5% on 5% not 5% then another 5% then another 5% off.

    Now 9.5% is your new content. Now 9.5% = 1 unit = potency of your dope after one year.

    .95 unit multiply 9.5% THC equals 9.02% THC content after two years.

    This means deterioration slows, slows, and slows, because it is 5% on 5% instead of the other way around.

    Fuck it, im tired of explaining shit. we're all high anyways. I'm a genius on IQ tests, white, racist against the 'stereotypical white guy', and I smoke. So fuck all those people who dismiss any idea of someone thinking outside the box with reefer madness. I'm rolling hard as well. I think that my house has a heartbeat when I feel the wall as well. And worse yet when I started writing this I was smoking 3 bowls. And now they hit hard. Good luck guys I'm logging off to enjoy my time with my friends here.
  20. Pure pollen shouldn't degrade very much until you press it or extract with a solvent.

    Pressed hash should last much longer than qwiso since many of the trichomes would still be sealed or semi-sealed.

    How long it lasts depends on the size of the piece and quality of hash. 4 years is generally considered the max. The inside of a big chunk will stay more potent than the outside. Click on that book I posted before for details.

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