Is weed dangerous? Are there negative long term affects?

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  1. Just tryin to get my facts strait because I hear different shii ftom everywhere, so how bout it? Dangerous or naw?
  2. Look up some threads made by granny.It seems as though spelling effects affects is a affective effect of cannabis consumption.

    I joke I joke.
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    The dangers are mostly to Cheetos or other snack foods. In rare cases for those who are predisposed to psychological problems they may react badly but that's a matter of their biology and predispositions rather than a danger of weed, it didn't cause the problem. For most of us I see no evidence of the sort. For casual use it's fine, the problems tend to come with abuse rather than use.
    On edit, casual use, not causal. That's one risk I suppose ;)
  4. The good outweighs the bad unlike most vices.
  5. Scientists are still researching the effects on the brain, so the short answer is we don't really know.
    What we do know is, it's less bad than most other substances you could use for fun, and it has more benefits.
  6. It's nothing to be scared of, but like anything, it does have negative effects.
    Smoking anything is obviously not good for your lungs, but weed isn't known to cause lung cancer or emphysema or anything.
    Depending on the individual, it can also cause psychological dependence, though less worse than being "addicted" to anything else like coffee or tobacco.
    In the short-term, your memory is severely affected. In my experience while truly stoned, I am unable to hold a regular conversation for more than 3-4 minutes because my short-term memory just disappears lol. In the long-term if you begin using as an adolescent before your brain has fully developed, it can affect memory and learning abilities, but not by any significant amount.
    There have been studies which suggest that people with a predisposition for mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and psychosis may exacerbate them by smoking weed, but I'm pretty sure smoking weed isn't the cause of such diseases.
    Most negative things you hear about smoking weed are usually anecdotal and purely dependent on an individual's personality.
    You have nothing to worry about unless you're a bitch.
  7. who really knows.  what we know today may not be what we know tomorrow.   But compared to other drugs(even that fake weed k2 bullshit) its pretty safe.  
  8. Who in the hell said it was dangerous?

    Do they have a fuckin' degree?  Burn it, dumb twats didn't earn it. :cool:
  9. It could be dangerous, who knows? It's still a foreign substance to our bodies and even if it helps a lot of health/mental problems, there still could be some unknown negative downside. Research and time is what it'll take to have a definitive answer because "it's safe cause weeds generally safer than anything else" isn't backed up by any hard evidence long term. I can't function nearly as easily without weed as with so I'm not really sweating it because it's my only real option. (Medical reason)
  10. Cannabis psychosis is real,but it only manifests itself if your already off you're rocker.

    So technically you could say cannabis helped to diagnose the problem.
    So YAY for weed.

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  11. My memory feels much shittier since I first started smoking three years ago, as well as my learning ability, but like SMOCATRON said: neither are very much worse, only slightly noticeably.
    My older brother, who I really wanted to smoke with, started a little bit last year, but quit when he learned it would often trigger moments of overwhelming anxiety or paranoia. He had those problems to begin with in life, however. I'm guessing the weed causes his brain to think and analyze things more in-depth (it does this to me as well) and it causes him to develop a wild paranoia. I don't get paranoid or anything because I never really let anything worry me while high. For instance I broke my downstem yesterday for the second time, the exact same way as last time, and all I did was say "well I guess I gotta buy a new one or I can't use my bong" (normally I'd expect to get a little butthurt about it)
  12. 50% of the people who do it die their first time
  13. 100% of marijuana users die, and thats a fact.
  14. Nah. I've been smoking for 40 years and there aint nothing wrong with me....
                                                                                                                  .............with me
                                                                                                                                  ...........with me
                                                                                                                                                 ..........with me
                                                                                                                                                               .........with me
  15. The scare stories are REAL son. Don't start. You may only dip your toe to begin with, but before you know it, you're in deep. You'll never taste food the same.. The tactile sensation of music will never again be what it once was.. The way you look at a tree, will change. You will laugh, and no no no, we can't be having that.
    Please, I urge you, put down the bong, tuck away the papers, say no. If you have any samples that you've bought or been given, please send them over to myself immediately. Likewise with any peers, you should also confiscate what they have, telling them it's for their own good, and send them over also. I'm part of the City's local Weed Watch and it's my duty to protect. I'll run your samples through a few swift tests just to let you know what it was you were dealing with (and what help to seek) before destroying your evidence with flame. 
    If you need any quick, first hand evidence of the atrocities of weed.. Take a look at the Blade OldSchoolSmoker up the page, a batshit crazy senile dude if I ever seen one. ;)
    it's very dangerous, according to willie nelson:
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    Why cant we just dose the whole world with LSD so we dont have to explain that  a plant isnt dangerous????
    back in the 1930's cannabis was one of the only medications..... they used it for everything. And now that the US government knows cancer isn't killing us as fast as they anticipated they're going to legalize weed (the answer to cancer the whole time) and continue with New World Order operations to decrease the population....
    I find smoking weed to kind of diminish my Ego. I'm friendly with everyone and don't judge.... pretty much everything I was brought up with and taught was a lie...
  18. Weed can be dangerous. But usually isn't

    Just like beef jerky can be dangerous

  19. Excessive happiness is one of the most common side effects so be careful...
  20. I just read an interesting article that said chronic (lol) use of marijuana may cause a decrease in grey matter, but that the brain of a marijuana smoker shows more connectivity to certain regions of the brain than a non-smoker, suggesting that the loss of grey matter is easily compensated for and not detrimental to everyday living. We still know very little about it, but considering no one has ever died from smoking marijuana, I'm gonna say no, it's not substantially harmful.

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