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Is weed best appreciated every now and then?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Long White Cloud, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I've smoked almost daily for the last 6 years. From age 13 - 19. Definitely daily for the last 6 months. My high seemed to become the normal state, and being sober felt odd. But even sober was a heavy feeling, my eyes always feeling tired even if I didn't. It's gotten to a point that being off weed for 2 days has left a sense of awake that feels like a high in itself. I don't want to have a sesh and ruin the feeling. I wouldn't say I'm done with the herb but I'm definitely staying off it for a while and seeing how this awake feeling goes for me.

    I'm dreaming, god damn I'm dreaming. I've been able to read a book. Haven't been able to in a while. I can hear the things I say becoming more articulate again. Lately it's like my minds been searching for the right words on a dial up internet connection and I end up saying something awkward.

    I've spent so long in denial about my habit. Weed isn't bad whatsoever, I'd say, and I see that sentiment mirrored here. But it's becoming apparent to me that weed has been the barrier to me sorting my shit out. The leave it for tomorrow attitude. My habit had almost completely eliminated my dreams, or at least the memory of them. I've been thinking that there could be something bigger to this. Perhaps whilst consistently smoking, the lack of dreams and melatonin release leads to depleted creativity. I don't know, I'm not a scientist it's just an idea I had today.

    So, what do you say to this folks? Are we in denial about weeds negative side? Is pedalling the attitude that you alone are to blame and the herb is magic and untouchable, really a good thing?

    What is a good level of moderation to enjoy the buzz again?
  2. I set rules for myself. If I have it, I only smoke once a day at the most if alone. In a group setting, I'll smoke every time the group does. If I'm dry, I wait until next payday and only get more if my money is right.

    Set limits you can stick to. If you think they aren't limiting enough, slowly bring yourself to where you wanna be. But if you tell yourself your gonna do something, DO IT. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Everything in moderation, and if you started smoking when you were f***ing 13 then theres a good possibility you're mental and memory capabilities were effected when you brain was growing and developing (specifically during the early teen years) theres some studies about this I suggest you do some research.
    I personally have a rather addicted personality so tbreaks can be rough, and I often smoke heavily especially during holidays/weekends.
    Invest in a vape and save your lungs.
    Cannabis actually DRAMATICALLY increases melatonin hormones, however it cuts off REM sleep which is why you don't remember dreaming.
  4. Interesting. So this would explain the tired feeling?
  5. I've been an everyday smoker since 2011. I think I've maybe skipped about 1 month in total. and sometimes I feel the same way. I'll wake up after a long night of burning, and almost feel high. it's a weird feeling, but it's almost as if my eyes are heavy from being high still, and haven't quite adjusted back to sobriety. 
    I will say that one time about a year ago, I took a 3 day break because I just simply did not have the urge at all. I took one hit out of a mini bong afterwards and I almost felt first-time-high.
    I'm a firm believer that sometimes you just need a highatus.
  6. I think so.  Due to my wife and I absolutely refusing to smoke with our kid in the house, we only get to partake when a sleepover happens, or once/twice a month.
    So from that standpoint, we get high and have great sex.  The build up to those nights is so incredible that yes, it is best appreciated every now and then.
  7. I had a week off once after smoking literally every day for 2-3 years, when I finally had a joint it was amazing - I thought I was the expert in weed but it felt like I was experiencing the high for the first time. My sister had done the same and I remember conservations about how much better weed is when you don't allow your tolerance to build up and how we'd never go back to over-using (or abusing) weed.
    But I fell back into old habits.
  8. I don't really have negative side effects like that from daily smoking...except for the lack of dreams...and I love dreaming too, and am a natural lucid dreamer. Now I hardly remember dreams at all, except sometimes brief flashes.
  9. if you smoke right now i guarantee you will be like " wow i fucking love weed" hands down.
  10. Smoking every once in a while will make you feel MUCH better when you do smoke than If you were to smoke everyday. The only exception would be if it causes any anxiety or discomfort for you with a low tolerance. I know when my tolerance is really low and I smoke I feel amazing, but I also experience a strange discomfort in the nerves in my right knee,(if my tolerance is super low it radiates down to my foot). I've also experienced 2 anxiety attacks on weed. Both times I had almost no tolerance. So short answer is yes, the experience will be much more enjoyable each time the if you moderate more.
  11. No mind altering substance should be used and relied upon like that, unless it is for a clinical purpose. I think the consequences can be different for everyone, and for people like you your life shouldn't get tied up and start to revolve around a plant. Not as if you think in these ways I'm about to imply but it's important to mention a few things: There's more to life. Smoking doesn't make anyone cool, it's like "congratulations you can inhale". People get to thinking that they are so great because they can smoke more, that they grow and sell alot. It shouldn't be necessary to hang out with people or to help make you a more social person, that's just unhealthy compensation.
    Really, I think that when cannabis starts to become like this for folks, that they bring their baggage with it and people use it to forget their troubles or even their priorities. If we want to be taken seriously as people, not "drug addicts", then we need to figure out everything else that is great about life and pursue something. Although we maybe can be content with the state of our lives, we need to make the decision not to be content, to light a fire under our asses instead of in a bowl and find gainful employment, even quit (maybe permanently, or for the foreseeable future) if we need to pass a test, to start reading books again, dreaming, articulating ourselves, being awake and grounded right here in the present.
  12. Correct. I made a rule of only smoking after 10pm once a day but in groups il smoke any spliff like you, I got to the point of smoking 4 or 5 a day last year and lost all motivation to work out along with 3 stone of muscle mass
  13. I've never smoked weed for other people, it's just become a habit. People here smoke with tobacco mix making it actually addictive. Oh yeh I got baggage, baggage I haven't been too keen to confront. 4 days off now, seen a councillor, finished that book, more alert, more articulate, it's all coming back. You're right, I've used weed to avoid thinking about my issues. Daily smoking has been getting in the way of basic priorities. I'm sorting my shit now. No more abuse. I'm gonna smoke this weekend and if my high is not good then that's me done for good. Cheers for the reply.
  14. Smoke weed when you feel like it, don't smoke weed when you don't. 
    That last paragraph is beautiful. Thank you!
  16. Honestly it depends on your personality. I've done great things and have accomplished many achievements all while being a daily toker. But I always make sure to get my shit done before I smoke, and smoking is a reward.

    But yes the dream thing, say good bye to vivid dreams while smoking daily. It sucks.

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