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Is weed bad for your heart?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Livingalife, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I know this site has alot of people that are very wise and intelligent about pot and its effects on the body. I know it dosn't cause cancer and dosn't cause brain damage. Though does it do anything to the heart? I've heard when you get in your 60's in such that its bad for your heart? Is this true? Only think I know is that cannabis increases your heart rate 30% above normal. Any information on the real facts of cannabis on the heart would be great! Thank you.
  2. the effects of marijuana aren't very clear but it is known to thin the blood and help blood flow as well as increase heart rate.

    And in your 60s a slight increase in heart rate can kill you, but a lot of things increases your heart rate which in return increases your risk of heart problems or failure; such as orgasm adrenaline etc. Live life. If your afraid of your heart rate rising...sit home and watch tv till you die, if not live your life and enjoy it.
  3. Nah i'm 19 years old, I was just wondering if it causes any problems because the effects of pot on the heart aren't really discussed as much as pot on the brain, and lungs on GC. Though i'm pretty paranoid about my heart for some reason just for the fact one day it will stop I was wondering if pot screws it over at all. Just want more information than an increase in pulse.
  4. In a book 'Understanding Marijuana' I think Ed Rosenthal (not sure), he says that cannabis helps prevent heart disease, something about oils.
  5. it can cause lung cancer, breathing in any smoke can
  6. Marijuana causes a somewhat raised blood pressure. There is no evidence that smoking marijuana has untoward effects on a normal heart, but smoking the drug apparently poses a danger to people with already abnormal heart functioning for it can elevate heart rate temporarily.
  7. Thank you for the help I guess it dosn't lead to any heart problems or anything like obesity does. Just wanted to make sure if it could cause problems or not.:smoking:
  8. Smoking anything is not going to do your heart any good.

    Obviously, the healthier you are, the better, but this is still no guarantee. Smoking can cause arhythmia (sp?), and palpitations for starters.

    You take a risk with almost every substance you put into your body; just depends if it's a calculated risk or not.
  9. Ok from what i have heard and gathered overtime is that smoking marijuana can actually reduce the risk of getting cancer...this is what it does......Apparently The THC in the marijuana kills the white blood cells and those are the cells that are the most susceptible to getting the cancer virus.

    If you do want to read more about it and the Supposed cancer fighting agents in THC read this

  10. It makes your heart bigger! :)
  11. Weed IS bad for your heart. Noone talks about it but it's something a lot of pot smokers don't know about. I'll share my story. I had started smoking when I was 17 and stopped when I was 25. I'm 26 now. I was a heavy smoker from 19-23 and it caught up to me sooner than I thought it would. I started getting heart palpitations when i was 24. After smoking way less and eating better, they went away. But then I got heart skips and still do to this day. I can't even smoke without my chest getting tight and uncomfortable. You'd have to be naive to think my smoking had nothing to do with this.

    I know a guy who also had weed damage his heart. He told me how he used to smoked heavily and ended up with a heart condition. He got the same palpitations that I did. He had it worse though. His heart would take beats like it was about to stop. Imagine how scary that .would be.

    If this convinces at least one person to vaporize instead of smoking then this message has been worth it. Weed is not harmless. Don't abuse the herb like we did. Everything in moderation.
  12. How can it be bad for my heart if im in love with it?
  13. I get alot of palpitations from smoking weed, so surely it has some effect?
    But then again i did a shit load of extacy years ago which definetly fucked my heart up.
  14. You have to be joking -.-
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    True. I'm 66, and I toke up every single night, but I also run 4 miles 5 days a week. Yeah, MJ raises your heart rate, but it sure as hell doesn't raise it to anywhere near the levels that I get it at when I'm running. My resting HR is 50bpm. When I take in THC, my heart rate increases 30% to 75 to 80bpm. But when I'm running, my HR goes up about 280% to around 140bpm.

    Unless one has an underlying heart condition, I wouldn't worry about, with one caveat. If you're concerned about your health, DON'T SMOKE. Vape it.

    Yup. The biggest danger is the smoke, not the THC/CBN/CBD that is in cannabis. Combusted plant material IS bad for your heart, as is anything else that is combusted that you inhale. Vape it instead.

    Much better vaked than baked.

  16. Then you'll get Alzheimer's lol

  17. man first 2 posts are dead wrong.

    THC expands your arteries and capillaries, thats why you get bags under your eyes, your capillaries dilated and expanded and filled with more blood.

    expanding arteries ,veins and capillaries allows increased blood flow and hyper oxygenation.
    all of which will lower your heart rate as well as blood pressure.

    it does not thin your blood., in fact it makes it thicker and more of it.

    in a stressed heart, this increase in blood flow and oxygenation reduces strain and exertion.

    marijuana can replace nerve pills , blood thinners and iron supplements in heart patients, a better working heart with increased blood flow doesn't need those meds.

    keep your bad ccholesterol in check, lower salt consumption...and smoke pot and you'll extend your life.
  18. Ok that sounds good and all but...it increases heart rate.
  19. (Ok that sounds good and all but...it increases heart rate. )

    well i guess in a sense it does, considering there's all that extra blood flowing Through expanded arteries,veins and capillaries. but it's much less labored,and at a lower pressure.

    hyperventilation is whats happening, how much more raised is that then normal static rate ?

    not much, hyperventilating wont give you a heart attack.

    my point is, they put way too much emphasis on something, spin it,and throw it in your face.

    lets be honest, how many of us had pot pushed on us at the school play ground when we were little. hell, when i was little, i supplied all the adults who didn't know where to get any.

    but yet we hear it everyday.

    did you hear or were you told it raised the rate, or did you actually experiance it?

    point is, it don't raise your heart rate up to heart attack levels like crack does.

    after all, when you burn a dube do you fell all energized ready to scale a mountain ?
    or do you start looking for the couch ?

    you heart does the same thing. if your laid back and woozy, so is your heart.

    how you can be high, laid back and chilling, and have a rapid racing heart, what a joke.
  20. also, isnt raising your heart rate supposed to be good ? like jogging ?

    then why is it a key phrase used in the war against it ?

    when it helps you ???

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