Is weed around me expensive?

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  1. I am new to these forums and I have been reading some of your topics and after reading a fair share of them, I have come to think that where I live(which is kind of a more wealthy area) weed is a lot more. For example, for some just regular, not special weed(I don't know what the name is, I'm new to smoking) a gram is $20, usually. and an 1/8th goes for something like 80$ or more(I may be wrong it may be less or more, I just remember my friend saying something like that)
  2. Yup. Unless its some FIRE $80 an 1/8 is hella expensive. If its 20 a g it should be 50/60 per 1/8
  3. then I'm way off on the 8th, but is 20$ for a gram alot? and it's like not chronic or anything like that.

  4. i wouldnt pay 80 an 8th for the best dank on the planet if that answers your question. also, if by reg you mean mids...20 dollars for 1 gram is a horrible deal. i get around 4 grams of mids for 20 dollars. 20 a gram for chronic isnt too bad though.
  5. ^^ Come on man, use your head....

    Honestly, no weed is worth 20 dollars a gram unless it's extraordinary. Meaning, you can see crystals sprinkled all over the bud, nearly making a nice "ice" look to it. Kinda sorta thing, ya know...

    You probably live in a rich town with a bunch of stupid high school kids who have money and spend it all and their parents money on weed.


  6. some people pay 25 a g for dank so 20 for dank isnt that bad. hes talking about much worse stuff though so obviously its a horrible deal.
  7. an 8th is 3.5gs, so you would be getting a price hike for buying more if its 80 compared to 20/g.

    anyways, im sure some of it has to do with the location, but more of it has to do with your hookups. You sound underage, uninformed, and you live in a wealthy suburb... dude, you're the target audience for getting ripped off.
  8. This is exactly how my town is, how Riophamus explained.

    And those are the prices for grams around me, if you're "lucky" you can get one for $15. It's bullshit but unless you want to deal around here you can't get it for cheaper.

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago in case anyone was wondering.
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    your last little paragraph is pretty much it. I live in like one of the richest towns in Illinois. But, this is all I can get... /:
  10. OMG! I live in the suburbs of Chicago tooo! If you don't mind me asking...where do you live?
  11. elk grove, it's like 15-20 minutes from chiiiiii town
  12. Cool, I live near Hinsdale and Oak Brook. You know them?
  13. Yea yea they're not that far from me, I'd say about 20 minutes. Do you know where Schaumburg is? I'm right by there... Woodfield mall???
  14. I go to Schaumburg quite a lot. And I've been to Woodfield mall too.
    (can you please answer my messages I'm sending you btw)
  15. dude you can get a gram of some mids (mid-grade weed) for five fucking dollars. ur gettin ripped off from the sound of it. but i havent read all the posts so idk. just my two sense.

    oh and i get a quarter (7 gs) for 15, but they usually go for $20-25... if its some mid. just so u no... u could b getting A LOT more... or at least get a gram of some GOOD shit, you no? lol
  16. It all depends on who you know, and where you are in the country. 20 a gram is reasonable, I mean that's the going price around here, and 1/8 is 50 bucks...I don't know where you're going getting 80 bucks from, because that just doesn't add up. Talk to more people, get a scale, and buy in bulk.
  17. dude you can get grams of FIRE for 1$ and quarters of 25 centzz :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  18. Your from Ohio and you say hella?

    Straight buh.
  19. yeah leave our west coast slang alone yadadamean!
  20. is hella west coast?

    shit i remember startin sayin that back in middle school:p:p

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