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Is Weed A Necessity To You?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonedman, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. How is it for you? For me, bud is an absolute necessity. I cant function without it.
  2. Nope not at all I can refuse bud from people...I know blasphemy. There are times for bud and there are times for being sober...that's my personal opinion.
  3. Nah I've been fine without it, but I really like to toke. I'd rather smoke than drink. 
  4. I am with the others, not a necessity, but a preference. :smoke:
  5. Even though bud is my medicine and it does help me function I can get by without it.. my quality of life is 6/10 without and 9-10/10 with it.... so its a STRONG preference for me. Lol
  6. Personally I need to medicate but I think some people are like that. Some use for recreational purposes but there are some that need it, not to get by but to slow down and rationalize a bit more clearly. Just helps some more then others.
  7. Pretty much a necessity if I'm honest with myself.  
  8. Not gonna die without it, but I am naturally very high strung.  So without smoke I am kind of a frantic mess.  Can't finish anything or stay focused.  A few tokes, and I am all good.
    I think it's good to have a clear head every once in a while. Experiencing more than one state of mind is beneficial to anybody
  10. Not to mention the lower tolerance.
  11. 1. Toking >>>> drinking
    2. I just really enjoy and notice benefits from smoking on a daily basis
  12. I'm not bashing smoking it helps me a lot. Especially my creativity sometimes I can't think of what to draw and weed almost becomes like an entity it travels through my arm and to the pencil creating random lines that form a picture that just popped in my head.
  13. No, herb should be used as a self realization/social/relaxant. not used like a crack head.. if i dont smoke i can function perfectly. but it is a nice reward at the end of the day. i went through a phase a smoking 24/7 and it was pointless, you gain an ultra High tolerance and  dont get nearly as stoned as you should.
  14. I don't need to be high all the time, but having weed available is highly important to me; I get rather nervous when I don't know how I'm going to get my next bag.
  15. I would love a low tolerance but I'm not very sensitive to drugs it takes alot to get a hold of me so I smoke to slow down and think clearly.  It doesn't work like that for all some get clouded when they smoke I get focused.   It's different for everyone.  Don't you think?
  16. Can you please explain how it improves your life so much?

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  17. do you not accept ganja as medication for some?
  18.  It might cloud your perception on life because it is not the natural mindset. You get me? I think it is by far the most beneficial and safe drug but it does alter your mind.
  19. If that's directed at me yes I do. I believe it is very helpful with chemotherapy and many other ailments. Not only that but it helps people relax. It's good but I'm just saying having a drug-free head time to time is good.
  20. Weed is a luxury.
    Its kinda like going out to eat...
    Im not addicted to "Going out for food", however, I have been doing it since I can remember.  Sometimes I have money to go out to eat.  Sometimes I don't.  Weed is the same way.. :D
    "Weed" and "Going out for food" are activities I pursue after my Bills are paid...Not before.

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