Is Water The Only Option For Bongs?

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  1. ever use juice or maybe even flavored water any body try this with satisfying results ? let me kno bro
  2. .....
    We used orange juice one time and then dared one of our buddies to drink it :laughing:
    Whats wrong with water?
  3. nothing just wondering herd of glycerin but only in coils did it effect the high ? did it effect the piece at all after
  4. I am surprised that there is already not some rip off product like that. Sweet Tart bong water would sell like hot cakes to HS kids.
    But yes I will stick with water fuck all this overpriced new fangled bullshit.
    People have been smoking cannabis successfully for thousands of years with out all these bs rip off gimmicks.
    Its all about the $ I can see a cave man now smoking from a stone bowl working just fine.
    Its not as complicated as many seem to think.
  5. Did he drink it?

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  6. I would stick to water, most people who have tried other substances have ended up coming back to good old fashioned water. And for good reason. Some stuff such as soda or juice clogs up your bong and makes it sticky and frankly it makes the weed taste worse. In other cases the substance, alcohol for example, will dilute the THC and will actually make your weed less potent.
    I have had success with fresh coconut water from the coconut itself and with a little lemon juice added to the water. However even with these pleasant alternatives I still prefer fresh water for a clean tasting hit. :bongin:
  7. @[member="suplove"] said how she would brew a certain tea then put it in her bong. In theory any liquid would work.
  8. Anything that bubbles works bruh
  9. lol the glycerin in the coils never contacts any smoke, ever. Its meant to be frozen to hold the cool temps cooling down your hit
  10. lol i know i like water mainly jus curiosity
  11. You can use other liquids, but it would make the bong all sticky. Not worth it, as the taste is so minimal. (It might be worth it if you are using a disposable homemade bong).
  12. Aretestian water

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  13. 10% mint mouthwash and 90% water mix

  14. Dihydrogen Monoxide, its simply the best
  15. What would possess someone to use anything but water??.... just don't get it
  16. Used purple poweraid/gatoraid before was nice. Usually use plain water or water with a few drops of lemon for a slightly different taste.
  17. My Wife has a Soda Stream machine to make her "sparkling water" she has no flavoring just sparkling water with a nice fizz to it.

    I occasionally use this once it has chilled in the refrigerator for a while.

    Does it make me more stoned? Maybe, but to replicate the effect requires fresh water change every hour or so and I just cbf.

    Does it change the flavor? Not a lot, but there is a definite fizz/bubbling to the hit and it seems a lot smoother than room temp water.
  18. Great idea! I too have a soda stream. Wouldnt the fizziness make the hit explode though? (And get bubbles EVERYWHERE).
  19. I've used Rosé once,was pretty grape-esc.
  20. Nah it all works just fine.

    The bubbles/fizz is very small/tight if that makes sense. It is a carbonated fizz and vastly different to a soda/soft drink fizzy

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