Is water and sweat really the best detox method?

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  1. There are forum postings everywhere that give all different kinds of advice, some of which I have followed but it seems like water and sweat is the best way to detox yourself.

    I have tried 4-5 of those detox drinks from the headshop and none of them have ever worked for more. I have about 14 days to get myself to pass a probation UA and it be clean. I have been a daily smoker for years but recently have only smoked the past month and a half. Any other methods you have found that actually WORK for a 14 day detox like this?
  2. Cranberry juice and sweat.
  3. THC is stored in fat, so go for a run and lift some weights. Take long hot showers, or sit in a suana(sp) if you have access too one.
  4. Yes to everything above
  5. Lots of cardio. You don't start burning fat until about 20 mins of strenuous activity.
  6. Drink tons of tea and cranberry juice. Also, exercise. I do this for 5 days straight a week before my tests and I always pass. I drink a shitload of tea and cranberry juice, then play basketball for an hour a day.
  7. Make sure to stop exercising a couple of days before the test.

  8. That's for a UTI. lol
  9. Time is the best detox. Nothing else is guaranteed to work.
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    Water will help day of to dilute the urinalysis. But because it's stored in the fat cells, exercising would only mobilize the THC to your urine, increasing the chance that you fail the test. The best detox method is abstinence and time.
  11. Kidney dialysis works too.
  12. Quick release Niacin 2x a day.

    that and sweat it out like you're tryin to cut weight for a fight.
  13. Quick release Niacin 2x a day.

    that and sweat it out like you're tryin to cut weight for a fight.
  14. Complete myth.
  15. ^ well that's always what i've heard and i mean 5 bucks to give a try can't hurt.
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    Actually too much of it can hurt.

    The reason the myth started is people who were flushing (drinking copious amounts of water to dilute the sample) would take niacin so their urine would have color. Trust me there is absolutely zero science behind it being a method of 'detox'.

    The whole term detox is silly even. There are no toxins to remove. There are metabolites left over from the cannabinoids one ingested.

    The only 100% sure way to 'detox' is time. Water is meaningless other than on the day of the test to dilute the sample. Exercise can help burn fat where the metabolites are stored, but be careful with that even because if you're still burning lots of 'dirty' fat on the day of or even the day before the test you're sample will have even more of the stuff you don't want in it.
  17. do drink water.
    don't drink sweat.
  18. Well you're not to take alot of it just take what it says on the bottle
    but thx for the info.

    I had a friend smoke 4 days (consistent smoker) all he did was sweat it out a couple days before and he as good but i'm sure that has alot more to do with his body comp and such.
  19. alot of people swear by Sure Jell, it is full of dietary fiber, which instead of pissing out the THC metabolites, you poop it out

    either that or it puts a coating on the fat for a brief period of time so the THC metabolites arent going into your waste

    also eat really really fatty foods the day of and night before the test

    im not really an expert on the sure jell but ya alot of people believe in it

    dilution the day of the test will be your BFF 4 LYF

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