Is walking alot sketch?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazinStangs, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I walk alot, like all over the city sometimes, but mostly in a residential area where my friends live. Like every day I go by each house probably two or three times. I'm never doing anything wrong, sometimes I'll have a friend or two with me. Would that seem sketch to the people in the houses? I've been doing it daily basically since May, never had a single problem. I may just be high and paranoid, but idk lol
  2. if your doing nothing wrong and they question you for walking by then tell em to fuck off haha
  3. hopefully a person walking is not going to make people in your hood paranoid. if so, i'd suggest moving out of the ghetto.

  4. Or OP might just be a minority living in a nice neighborhood haha.
  5. watch out man they might get you for jwalking.....:D

    paranoid. u sir are.

  6. lolt his is true too
  7. Nah prolly not, but maybe.

    I dunno, depends, if the people are cooked, ya.
  8. Depends how you're dressed.

    Thuggish? You might get cops called on you?

    Jog wear? No one will even look at you
  9. [quote name='"sokal"']

    lolt his is true too[/quote]

    Nah, I'm just that white kid with long hair that wears yellow DC's. And it's not my neighborhood, it's the one over
  10. If I saw the same person walking by my house every day, wearing yellow shoes no less. I would assume they live nearby and leave it at that. Though I also don't live in a terrible neighborhood where I have to worry about sketchy people constantly.

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