Is vaping glycerin tincture out of e-cig/vape pen worth it?

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    Hi guys,
    I'm wondering if anyone has any (preferably firsthand) experience with using a variable voltage ecig (or vape pens) with a glycerin tincture?
    I'm looking to buy either a variable voltage ecig like the zmax 5 or a vape pen.
    I do have a few concerns tho:
    1) Is this a cost effective way of getting medicated? I've seen people complain the high wasn't great or longlasted, while other said it blew their mind.
    2) without acces to concentrates, is it hard to make a tincture that is potent enough that 1ml of vaped tinctue gets me decently medicated? 
    Would it be wise to use pure alcohol to strip the herb of its cannabinoids and then use this 'concentrate' mixed with the glycerine, after i let the alcohol evaporate? Any health concerns?
    3) are there vape pens designed for glycerine tincture? I know a lot about dry herb vapes, but never looked into vape pens before. Only one i've seen in the 7th floor VIP2, wich looks a hell of a lot like a regular (high end) e-cig. Are there any vape pens you would suggest that 'outclass' e-cigs with variable voltage in terms of durability?
    my main concern is that i don't know it's hard to make a tincture that is potent enough that an e-cig tank (between 2-3ml) could get me high at least a few times. Since the parts on an e-cig need to be replaced quite often, i wonder if it's worth it.
    any input would be greatly appreciated. 


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