Is Transplanting really that NECESsARY

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KALiBERRRR, May 4, 2006.

  1. this may seem like a stupid question to some but.. is it really necessary to transplant to a bigger pot because im too lazy/high and i just wanna skip that step and get a big pot from the start. so is it that big of a deal that the root ball wont be so... w.e the word im looking for is. did that make any sense?
  2. No, it didn't. =P

    Anyways, I directly sowed my germinated seeds into their final resting far, so good.
  3. no, you don't have to. The problem with starting them in a big pot is that you now have to use more water and nutes to water your seedling in order to ensure even disbursement of moisture and nutrients.

    With starting in a smaller container, you can deliver the necessary stuff right to the heart of the root system.
  4. i just got new "seeds" today! LOL my friend gave me his bagseed, but there was only one seed in there that would actually grow, the other was some undeveloped crappling and the rest were actually buds. but now my dilemma is growing it where my parents wont see light on 24/7. i have no place like that.... SHIT! my parents found out that my grow box isnt actually for school so cant use that again.
  5. ohhh ok that makes sense but i got a spray bottle so its all good i can just spray all over it. its fun to use that shit.
  6. If you'd rather not transplant, I'd recommend starting your seed in a 5gal pot. It may sound like a lot of soil, but you're going to need it. Spraying is a good idea, but also water the root structure. Only water when the soil is mostly dry, usually not every day.

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