Is transplanting from soil to coco during flowering possible?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by lowryder21, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hello blades, i have four babies that are 11 days into 12/12, they all have some problems but Quasar seems to be a bit worse than the rest. I have it sitting in a 7gal smart pot. It is currently sitting in a mix of 70% potting soil, 30% perlite. The soil is very comptact and generally does not seem in so good shape.

    Is it possible to transplant it a mix of 50/50 coco coir+perlite without stressing it too much and going hermie or its too late? Also, should i transplant it (if this is possible at all)in a pot like the one i had or a bit bigger(8 gal or something)? I know 3 gal pots are enough for coco but since i currently have it in a 7 gal pot i don't think i can do any different. I would love a description of the procedure if anyone has tried it.
  2. Look... you could do it. It might work. But I reeeeealy doubt it.

    Transplanting during flowering is just all bad. Then changing media? For what? You still have the majority of the root ball in soil and it isn't like the plant is really supposed to be focused on growing roots at this point.

    If you are having problems in your soil then it would be best to address that issue. Work with what you got. Till in what you can to the top soil, flush out what you can with pH balanced water, and rebuild what you can with biological amendments (like General Hydroponics Sub-Culture B and M, or Mayan Microzyme, or a huge variety of other inoculates).

    Proper watering habits in a salt-free, biologically active, appropriately top dressed, media is your best bet right now. Thinking that moving to coco is somehow going to save your grow is erroneous. Not that you couldn't get very lucky... But I sure wouldn't do it.
  3. The roots probably have taken up almost all the room in the 7 gallon pot so you would have to get a bigger pot to change mediums if you want to keep the root system intact. What kind of problems are you experiencing?
  4. SCMC thanks a lot for the answer man, it gave me to understand that it was just a crazy thought of the moment. Perhaps flushing out with PH balanced water is the best bet for the next time. Then i can start adding my nutes more carefully and maybe i could try some AN piranha and tarantula to promote microbial life, what do you think about these products?

    Oh, and something else,I made this question in my journal too, if you would like to answer i would be very glad. If we water soil each time until we get descent amount of runoff, is it nescessary that we give plain water at least every third watering? Because the point of watering until runoff is to get the media saturated i was thinking that we could skip giving plain water, except if there are PH or other kind of problems. A clarification on this subject would help me tremendously!

    NFusion,you are right, the roots have taken lots of room in the 7 gallon pot. The fact that the plant is already in a very big pot is another reason that i thought better about moving it to coco with a bigger medium. Altough, the good thing with smart pots is that they make transplant almost stress-free. I am experiencing major yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, curling under of leaves. Also, with this particular baby it seems that the PH can't be easily fixed in the appropriate levels (it was a bit high the last time i checked, around 7). To correct this situation i have given gallons and gallons of water, the soil has become very compact and seems in poor health.

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