Is "topping" your plant at every node, every chance you get a bad thing?

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  1. Is "topping" your plant at every node, every chance you get a bad thing?
  2. nope but it does shock them each time, slow growth and take a bout a week to recover..I've fimmed plants 5 times before for scrog...someone told me if you're gonna stress the plant do it all at once
  3. yeah i was planning on keeping the plants in veg all through the winter and putting them outside like around june, so they can get accustomed to the natural light schedule before they flower. the only lights i have are two little CFL's and the plants are already growing slower than normal, a lot slower than normal. they're only 3 little bag seed plants but the bud was dank as fuck.
  4. Will toppin it that many times positively effect your yield or is it just a waste
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    yea some have got a lb from a 400 watt...I've gotten 12oz off from a 600...more tops=more bud sites
  6. each plant already has 4 tops.. and they're only like 8" tall
  7. Are you going to do scrog or lst? that would be the only reason you would need to top or fim/top them a lot is if you want to grow more horizontally
  8. im doing hst, super cropping the branches. but yeah i am trying to keep them a little bushy because all i have is my closet, under a lamp until summer.
  9. Oh yea then you have plenty of time
  10. yeah... im real excited because this is only my second grow and i have had to spend no money on it at all.

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