Is today a friday for you? What you doing?

Discussion in 'General' started by blackeyes, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Place: Los Angeles, CA
    TIME: 7:55pm 9/28

    i'm pretty faded right now...
    sucks that i have to work on a friday night.
    i'm working till 12:30am.

    i have a long long way to go.
    ,but good thing i'm faded...

    [I'm medicated to the max]
  2. Place SEATTLE
    Time 7:56 pm

    Just got off work, waiting for some E pills.. Ive been pumped alll day. I couldnt even pay attention during any of my classes/BUMP POST 420
  3. I'm high as fuck, playin some guitar hero 2 wit my bud and eatin some free pizza :D :D :yummy:
  4. Place : Vancouver, BC
    time: 8:10 p.m

    Getting smashed....i just took 2 shots of tequilla once i seen this post haha.
    lets see if i can type after that bottle and 18pac.
    yea, im meeting up with my ex girlfriend and prolly @#$% the #$%^ outta her haha.

  5. i wish i had some tequila shots right now :rolleyes:
  6. Got off work a few hours ago. Sitting at my house on a Friday night with no bud. Abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do but watch TV and surf the forums. Not that I don't like doing that, but it's a Friday, I should be stoned and out having fun.

  7. yup, you should be going out having fun. it's a friday + no work for you. just pick up some bud with your friends or something and have a chill time.

    at least you're in a better situation than i am.
    i'm working till 12:30am.

  8. im enjoying mushrooms for the second night in the row, and ive achieved a higher level of personal discovery and learning with a dose of 50% of what i took last night.
  9. worked 14 hours today. fucking tired, and stoned. gotta work another 14 hours tomarrow. should be a killer time
  10. I wish I could pick up some bud, but I'm broke until Monday. All my friends are working. I haven't smoked in four days. Not long, but for someone who regularly tokes a few times daily, this is driving me nuts. If I at least had something to do to keep my mind off it, I would be a lot less irritable. Sucks that you gotta work so late. Tomarrow I'm working until 2:00 in the morning, so most likely I'll just come home and pass out for the night. This weekend is shit, but oh well, bitching isn't getting me anywhere. I'm gunna go smoke one of the last two cigs in my pack. Being broke sucks. At least I have Monday to look forward to.
  11. Just got dranked.
  12. Captains Log, Star Date; 2525.

    "Man, I'm still alive!"


    I dunno, I'm pretty bored and stressed out right now so I think I'll head out for a drive or something. Even if it's just around the block, driving always seems to clear my head.
  13. i love to drive as well. i also like to sit and think outside. i found a nice bench to sit at by this pond i walk past every day. i highly recomend sitting outside at night to anyone who wants some time to devote to some really deep thinking.
  14. I wanna go cruise around, but I'm low on gas and I'm pretty sure this lightening and thunder indicates a badass storm coming. I like storms, but my window fell off its tracks a few months ago and I'm just too lazy to cover it up so driving in the rain kinda sucks, haha.
  15. Got off work, smoked 2 blunts, feeling good.

  16. thats a good way to feel :cool:
  17. Didn't work today. Got up around 1ish... Smoked a blunt, watched tv. Smoked another blunt. Ate dinner. Watched Human Weapon and drank a pint of Evan Williams, smoked a bowl and got on here... Yup, thats Friday for me.
  18. Oh, I totally agree.

    Sometimes I'll drive out to a deserted area in the mountains, turn everything off and just stare at the stars for hours on end. If I'm lucky I fall asleep and wake up just in time to see the sun rise.
  19. yea, i watched the sun set yesterday as me and 8 other people were about an hour into a very energetic mushroom experience. i sat by a window and thought, eventually reaching a state of meditation. i had an odd thought on why sun rise and sunset is such a powerful thing to watch and experience. ive recently been going through a lot of personal changes, especially in what i beleive in, and hold to be important. one thing that has been a constant subject of thought and pondering is light, and how we as a living organism worship, and react to it. ive been trying to jot down ideas for an essay on this, but its hard to concentrate my thought on one specific aspect of existance because as i previously mentioned, i have just been learning so much about our existance as humans, amongst so many new personal discoveries.
  20. pretty much everday is the same for me. tonight, though, i suppose you could say im celebrating. i got no herb but what i do have are two klonopin in me along with a 40mg oxy. im kinda itchy, and its a good thing. ha.

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