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Discussion in 'General' started by Lucky Luke, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Are you official? Am I talking to someone on GC's side?

    I need ad info, I want to plaster ads all over the fuckin' place and annoy the shit out of common users with repeated references to my Youtube channel and/or Twitch channel...Can you discuss this with those Above Us and figure out if I can do this without issue? I'd love to throw my Youtube out here to people, but given the rules I understand the restriction against it...I respect you GC, but I'm going to get big, and I want to bring you with me.

    So...Can you talk to your people and have them get in touch with My People so we can figure something out?:coolalt:
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  2. my head hurts...
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  3. Okay, if the rabbit goes into that hole...Does that mean it comes out this one?:coolalt:
  4. 1v1 me on xbox, scrub. :cool:
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