Is this wrong?

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  1. Do you think it's wrong for a high school teacher to smoke weed? Like, if he/she just toked up at home and didn't smoke or anything with students and always came to work sober etc. Would you consider that immoral or whatever? I know society does, but these days society is fucked and shallower than a puddle.
  2. Nope nothing wrong with it, teachers drink and smoke cigarrettes too.
  3. It shouldn't really matter what you do in your free time as long as you do a good job.
  4. i'd say it's no thing, man. it's teachers' responsibilities to keep their personal lives to themselves, and professionals most of the time should not be judged on what happens in their free time.
  5. Fuck no! That's like asking if it matters that priests molest little boys in their free time or not
  6. Uhhh, I hope I'm misinterpreting that.. Because the two are completely different. Someone gets hurt in the latter.
  7. Not at all. Thwy have a life other then school just like you. I know alot of teachers that blazed

  8. thats actually...completely different.

    anyways...tons of my friends are in college for education and always say they'll keep on tokin. haha.
  9. I had a teacher in highschool who half of the time was high, awesome teacher not just cool but actually good at teaching. First class of the day so I was usually high too maybe that's why I got what he was talking about.
  10. Hey, thanks for all the replies.. I was just curious because my friend and I got into a debate after seeing something about a teacher getting arrested for possession. Led zepp, that's a little fucked, but its whatever man
  11. Why the fuck would I think such a thing...
  12. its only right if you bring enough for the whole class
  13. Of course it's wrong.

    Smoking weed is wrong for not just the highschool teachers, but for everyone.

    Unless you're somehow immune to law.

    Unless you have something like diplomatic immunity.

    Man, I hate embassy cars... they drive like fucking maniacs. They think just because they got the emabassy licence plate, their cars have transformed into tanks!
  14. its really trippy when they actually do. everyone sees that right?
  15. I guess they do... coz everyone tries to avoid the embassy cars...

    Nobody wants to get in the way.

    But every now and then...


    It's quite fun to watch one of these encounters between an embassy car and a stubborn donkey.

  16. Me and mu buddy walked upon two teachers during exams behind a dumpsyer blazing. Needless to say we blazed our dub when they blazes thiers. Another teacher was a huge hippy, red eyes all the time. And this is coming from a catholic school that is very reputable
  17. Why not? Teachers have cannabinoid receptors too.

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