Is this worth keeping???

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  1. this plant is somewhere between 2 and a half to 3 months old...I wanted to know if n e one can tell me if its a male or a female??????Hitt me back!

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  2. just another pic......

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  3. just another pic.....

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  4. This is the last pic..... Can n e one tell if its a male or a female??? It has alotta white and red hairs all over tha plant that you cant see in tha pix, and it also has crystals all over a few of tha leaves that you once again can not see in tha pix........Hitt me back, and lemme know......Please!

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  5. Not really,,,but with the way it looks to be growing,you may have a good chance at female....especially if you see pistils somewhere...that is kind of a

    pretty short for it's age......but looks fine..could use a little veg fert,,,might green up a bit....

    have fun....

  6. Vegatation and fertilizer???????????
  7. Vegetative state = growth state (as opposed to flowering and
    seed prduction state) stems thicken and leaves form, plant grows taller (tries to attain more light acceptace surface).
    Veg-Fert = fertilizer mixture that promotes (enhances growth) depends on soil mixture you are using. Ask your local
    garden supply expert about mixtures to grow tomatoes and apply methods to Plant.
    For the age you mention your Plant seems a bit small dunno
    why. However indoor growing plants do seem to be smaller under less cost Grow Lights (I've seen indoor systems that produce a product that grows quite large with yeilds of 2 and a half pounds per plant but.... I digress, pot dreams you see). I like a greenhouse myself with with dampered light tubes in the roof with half translucent fiberglass walls, gives a lot of light and temp-humidity control.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  8. Well shit man you confuzed tha fuck outta me, but 5 mins l8r i finally understood what you were trying to say,lol...I think tha plant is like 3 months i dont know for a fact up i know when it was 2 months i put it indide and then 2 weeks later moved it back outside.Well shit man, Thanks for tha info and NDICA n e time you want me to come help you harvest your beast,feel free to get in touch with me=) <zzzzô.....
  9. There is a little patch in'd havta bring your own axe and saw though (heh heh more pot dreams). Humiditys terrible right now but come September there may be a few buds worth keeping.
    In the meantime Work and talk to your Plant and it'll be fine.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  10. Hopefully this plant i have now will bud sometime before october, at least thats what im hopeing...Im almost positive it is a male, and since my dad devanished all my other crop im starting a new one.Im trying to work with hyrdoponics!Do i have to have like hydro nutrients or can i just use water? I have a lot of good seeds i picked outta some good buds that i have come across.Im looking for a way to grow some bomb digity reefah,If n e one has n e good ways to do this please reply...Thanks for all your help, once again..... .o0 SoNe 0o.

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