Is This Worth It? Need Advice from a couple Experienced Hash-makers

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  1. I Have 2.5-3.0g of some incredibly dank Sour Diesel x Grand Daddy Purple. Im either making edibles, or hash. If i decide to make hash (Either Qwiso or IceWater), is it worth it? As in will i get such a small piece of hash it will be not worth it to have to handle and dose out such a small piece of hash?

    Also, with this amount, would Qwiso or Icewater work better for some reason? (Qwiso would be MUCH easier for me).

    If small Jay with .3 of this nug in it gets me nice and stoned, will i get 10 hash smoking sessions with this? Or is there potential for waste? (I am willing to do multiple washes to get all the love out of those nuggies) :love:

    Thanks so much for the help Guys :smoke:
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    Don't waste your weed. If its dank it should be smoked. If u had some crappy stuff u didn't want to smoke I'd say make it into hash. Saying this is some SUPER dank and measures at 20% thc then making bubble hash out of it would get u 3/5= .6 grams of hash which would last you 2 smokes? maybe 3 tops?
  3. Actually, if it was 20%, then i'd get .6grams of PURE thc. Hash is between 40-50%, not 100%. Also, the only hash i can make right now is qwiso, MAYBE icewater in the distant future.
  4. It all depends on the purity you're aiming for. Sure you can make hash that is 50% thc but that would be INCREDIBLY impure but you would obviously yield more. High 90% thc is also very achievable.

    Assuming your weed as is good as you say it is a 20-25% return isn't that far-fetched. There are a lot of factors to determine yield but if you want something really nice you could expect a gram of oil/shatter/powder/whatever.

    Also, nice name. RIP nujabes.
  5. Thanks a lot man! Yeah the nug is some of the dankest i've tried, i posted pics in the stash jar, other people agreed it was nice :) Almost done evaporating my first wash.. yay!
  6. Sure you could get more then 20% yield back but it will just be impurities in your hash to make it lower quality. I hope your hash would be higher then 50% also. Next you lose some hash in the process... You can't expect to get 100% of your hash from the extraction. Also your hash will contain cbn and cbd hence the reason hash never gets up to 100% (unless refined past honey oil which is possible but not done often due to the materials needed and experience. I was just tryin to stop u from turning some bomb tasting weed into some crappy tasting hash oil is all... or hardly any good bubble hash..

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