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Is this worth 50 $

Discussion in 'General' started by Guest, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but is this 50 $ worth


  2. ya that's at least five grams so you didn't get ripped off, but it looks like some schwag
  3. amount wise, yes...but idk if the pic is dark or what, but it looks like some dirt nugs so idk if quality wise it was worth it
  4. For that
  5. Ripped off. Just smoke it all already. Shwag suckssasss
  6. if u get that little and that quality of reggie in texa$ u should be slapped.
  7. Yeah I got from a old dealer doesn't really have top quality but it is good for what I've seen around here in O-HIGH-O
  8. a zone of that dirty is like 35-30 dollars round hur
  9. Guise it's not dirty, it's "earthy". Smoke dat shit, become a tree, feelsgoodman.
  10. [quote name='"420guitargod"']Yeah I got from a old dealer doesn't really have top quality but it is good for what I've seen around here in O-HIGH-O[/quote]

    Where in Ohio? I'm getting nice ass bud in Ohio.
  11. deffinately. you didnt buy loud tho, but its around 14 of some schwag.

    mmmmm my favorite!!!
  12. Depends where you're from.
    Looks like bobby brown weed, but yeah.. That's about $50 worth.
  13. and people bullshit hard as fuck about what they get quantity and quality wise for prices and shit.

    if you paid 50 down here, thats what youd get for sure.
  14. I am so dry atm, I would be happy. I don't go the low road often butttt, I haven't smoked a reggies blizzy in forever yo. Shit kind of sounds fun :smoke:

  15. I don't know. Weigh it out. For reggie/swag (I think they're the same thing - right?) $60/oz is norm here. I guess. For nicer stuff that has keif and solid buds, you're looking at $100 a 1/4oz. Corn is standard for a blunt. That's just my little corner of the world. It depends on where you live. Supply and demand. go look at the stash jar. unfortunately, with a picture, you can't tell how dense it is, hence the need to weigh. what were you told it was? was it worth $50 to you?
  16. Honestly I think you should smoke it and then you'll know if it was worth the $50.
  17. If you ask me, helllllll no.. I get 5 gs of corn for $20.. That looks like corn.. Or reg.. I get an ounce of decent reg for $75
  18. Looks like disgusting bud.

    Enjoy your many headaches. :cool:
  19. I would never pay that much for regs. In Jacksonville regs are 2 a gram, mids are 5 a gram and high grade runs about 15 a gram most of the time(sometimes 20)
  20. Schwaaaaaaag

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