Is this worth 40?

Discussion in 'General' started by Olismoke, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. I'm new to smoking and I need to know of this is worth 40. I live in California

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  2. Not to me. Unless im on vacation in a foreign country... Then im in.
  3. I'd say so, 40 for what looks like more then an 1/8 Is a good deal. I live in MA. Currently pay 60$ for an eigth 80$ a quarter. And 140$ a half. 240$ an O.
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  4. Here in cali top shelf eighths for 25 bucks
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  5. Dude that's crazy! Only way I'm getting that price is if I get Mexican brick weed. Do you mind checking out my recent post about my drug test ? I'm very nervous and just want some free back good or bad lol
  6. Get a card and head to a medi station. Grab pitchfork, fire, and angry mob to run your connect out of town.
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  7. For Cali? I would say no. I was picking up quarters for 40 of dank in Cali. (Not dispensary). It is good for a first time buy, you definitely didn't get ripped but you could probably find cheaper else where. Lots of first time buyers get the short end of the stick. You got the medium end of the stick.
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  8. Let us know how you feel after smoking! Taste and what not..

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