Is this wooden pipe any good?

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  1. So, I should probably say that I haven't been smoking too long (about 2 months or so, and not too often). I got bored today and decided to make a pipe. I've only ever smoked joints and wanted to try something new :)
    I made this simple pipe, and since I don't have any weed to try in it at the moment, I thought I might as well ask if it's any good, or would it be a waste of weed if I tried to smoke it. I know it's pretty small and the leaf makes it look cheesy, but it was very quick to make :p
    Thanks in advance for any replies, take it easy B)


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  2. It will work, what kind of wood did you use? Way safer than a coke can and will last a hell of a lot longer than a lot of the homemade pipes and bongs I've seen posted online.
  3. I'm 90% sure that it's lilac wood, which from what I can gather, is relatively safe to use for this purpose. It has a low toxicity, too.
  4. looks like a keeper. great job
  5. use maple next time, it's 100% safe.

    Looks like it should do the trick. Conical bowl, decent length, and it doesn't appear to have too large of a bowl hole.

    You might want to get a screen to throw in the bottom.
  6. @oldbluedog

    :) Thanks, maple sounds good. I definitely would like to make the bowl wider, but without power tools it's a bit awkward. And by screen, do you mean like a wire mesh or something? That sounds like a good idea.

  7. you can buy them at any headshop 10 for a buck

  8. Like Correctme said, they're available at smoke shops and head shops. Just a simple metal screen.

    Smaller pieces waste less weed, just load it twice!
  9. Winegum, have you ever tried to carve maple? That shit's so hard it wont even take a stain.
  10. Just make sure that the hole in the bowl isn't too big, you might pull the weed right through.
  11. @BasedJak
    Yeah, I made the tunnel narrower towards the bowl to avoid that [​IMG]

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    Maple isn't that hard to carve if you have the right tools. It will take stain pretty easily.
    I've made many knife handles and pipes from maple.
  13. I've been building furniture and cabinets for 40 years and I can only speak from experience. That wood is a pain in the ass to work with.

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