Is this what my clones should look like?

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  1. Rockwool for 1 week with rooting gel.

    no roots.

    reapplied rooting gel.

    stuck into soil.

    Still seem alright! I have been keeping them well misted, and they get plenty of light. They are under the dome in the second attachment.

    Courtesy shot of the grow box.

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  2. I dont generally use rockwool, but just a light mix of the same soil I use in my grow, with some perlite.
    Anyhow -

    You should use flourescents while cloning. The gel you are using is fine, but only needs to be aplied once. I actually use a clear plastic "humidity tent" over the clones, under the flourescents.

    I thimk if you do that you'll see some roots pretty quick. Humidity is definetly a make or break the deaql, at least for myself and my methods. I find that if they dry at all yer screwed so I solve it all with a cheapo piece of clear plastic.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  3. by the way, and I probably should have said, but...

    water daily. keep that stem moist. If you can get a bottle of liquid rooting food that you mix with your water, great, if not, I used to use just a capful of General Hydroponics grow nutrient per gallon and a couple of drops of Superthrive, and that always worked good to.

    Just keep the stem/medium wet and the hunidity up, and spray them down once or twice a day under floursescents and you'll be a cloning master in no time. Once you get the hang of it and realize that you just cut the branch from its main life support(mother), and realize its needs, its easy.

    I'm ramblin'. Good luck again.

  4. Now I feel silly.

    I didnt notice that you had the clone under a big/bigger/HID light.

    It might work, but if you can, just use a flourescent for your cloning. HID is harsh for something that doesnt even have roots yet.
    Sorry I didnt notice that the first time. Hey, it might just work, but from my personal experience, an HID is just too much light for a cutting.


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