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Is this what it's supposed to be like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Surfer36, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. #1 Surfer36, Sep 13, 2009
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    That was scary, but I'm fine now haha
  2. You smoked too much. Weed causes paranoia and in some cases can cause people to throw up. It's completely normal.

    Just lay down and try to get some rest, you're 100% fine
  3. Alright, im just laying down on my bed and doing this. I know I'm fine (I think) and I've heard of this
    happening to other people that get freaked and such, but im kinda freaked outttttt.
  4. There are a myriad of reasons for this. Maybe you smoked too much, maybe you smoked with low blood sugar, maybe you had a panic attack. It could be any or all of this reasons or maybe something else. Bottom line, you'll be fine. Just ride it out and relax.
  5. Just chill out man so you don't ruin smoking for yourself..Everything is fine you just got to high. Remember nobody has ever died from weed and it is the safest "drug" you can take.
  6. Yeah I know I won't get hurt, but getting like sick is kinda funny because i know its a common thing, but I've never really had it happen until now, and I've been smoking normally for about a year.

    Also, I have work in the morning at 10 am, I think i'll be sick for another hour or two and probably wont fall asleep until about 3 or 4, and probably going to get up at about 9... How long does this last? Will I feel this in the morning? Should I just text my boss and tell him i probably wont make it tomorrow and sleep in?
  7. You just smoked too much. Go have a glass of oj, sit down, and try to embrace it.
  8. No tomorrow morning you shouldnt feel any different then you would if you got a regular high. You wont be "sick" for that long, I give it less then an hour.
  9. see whenever ide think i feel sick i just think to myself, na im cool, this is just because im high as hell, and thne pretend its a good feeling, idk if thats just because im fucked up, but it works

    sorry to those who dont understand this, im extremely baked
  10. ahahaha, I kinda know what you mean, im trying to pretend its a good feeling, but im also really jittery.
  11. I dunno dude. But right now I feel relaxed, worry-free, a little hungry, and im pretty horny too. U must have smoked some fucked up herb.
  12. also im freaked out when I throw up my vomit looks really hazey and shit, and maybe its just my eyes that are making it appear that way, but it looks like im throwing up a really dense fog of shit. Also its pretty red, like not really blood red from what I can tell (But im not sure I know exactly because again my vision is fucked up. I did however eat a cheese steak today, maybe i cooked it a little raw?

    I know right now ill look back on this tomorrow and laugh at myself for thinking this, but right now, it's stressing as hell.
  13. calm down your fine. you're overreacting.
  14. You're talking yourself down and embracing the feelings and the high, and to those that can do it by themselves, I applaud you :hello:
  15. eat something
  16. Your having a mild panic attack. Put some headphones on and get absorbed into the music. Seriously, put the music up loud and only focus on the music, that's what I do if I'm being paranoid.
  17. your fine, you smoked too much, do something comforting or take a nap. Sometimes wraping up in some blankets helps calm me and bring me back to reality a little. Watch your funny movie and enjoy the high if you can.

    Once you come down def just take a nap, it will help out a lot.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. What causes the throwing up? i've never had that from just weed.
  20. Well I made it through the day pretty easily, only i feel semi hung over actually haha. God that was insane.

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