Is this what I would need for my 70watt HPS?

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  1. I'm planning a micro grow inside a PC case, and i've been taking a look at lighting and what not, and I figured i'm going to go with a 70watt HPS with a glass heatshield cooled with PC fans(case is big enough for it).

    I'm a total noob at this stuff and was wondering if this is the kind of ballast I will need. Will I be able to just install this in my case, throw the lightbulb on it and go?

    ballast -
    lightbulb -

    Now i also heard that theres a hybrid MH bulb that would be able to plug into your HPS light? Where can I find those?
  2. I'm trying to imagine a 70 watt HPS lamp in a tower case. I have a hard time keeping my plant trained down inside my grow box that is over twice as large as a pc case. Have you considered using mini-spiral compact fluorescent lights? You get a lot of light with minimal heat.
  3. The link for the ballast didn't work, but I found it on the site anyways.

    Should work, I would say heat is going to be a serious problem, your most likely going to need some serious fans to cool that tower. Mylar the insides properly, maybe even make a reflector for that light to focus the light.
  4. I actually have considered using CFLs... 2 27watt Air purifiers from 1000bulbs

    I realize I also need to find something for veg cycle as those only use 2700k of the spectrum.(Don't I:confused: ) Or can I use these for Veg and flower

    If I can figure out what I need to run 2 27watt CFLs I'll probably go that route as its probably also cheaper, and cooler, and I'll have about 3/4 exhaust fans with carbon filters and a passive intake so hopefully heat wont be too great of a problem and I know smell DEFINETLY wont with that many filters, and also a small Vaportek unit that'll run off a D batter :p

    Now what would I need to run those? Do i need some sort of ballast? Or just a socket that would plug into the wall? I'm totally new to grow lights and what not so if anyone could post up a link of what I would need for those CFLs would be great.

    I'm very comfortable wiring up electronics and have done alot of lights/fans in my PC case and jury-rigged alot of em so the electrical wont be an issue.. I just plain dont know what I need to get lights working yet haha
  5. Also... Size of the computer case is 18"Hx15.5"Dx6.5"W

    Not as big as I'd like it to be, but its old, and its free and has been sittin in my room while i was away at college.. So im puttin it to good use :)
  6. I'm gonna say that one, that case isn't tall enough.

    Pot + Light Height + 12" = Height you need for PC Case grows.

    two, wiring up those CFLs are pretty easy, you could do it custom so that only one wire is running into the CPU or you can do it the easier way.

    Simply buy one of those clamp reflectors, take off the reflector, install a Y splitter, and there you go, 2 CFLs. The custom way involves splitting wires, wire nuts, and such and is only suggested by me if you have some electrical experience.
  7. Yea.. I've got some electrical experience and can wire something up...

    And the case is definitely big enough.. Check out this NanoMachine over at

    Thats my inspireration :)

    Where would I find this:
    Cuz Sadly.. My only knowledge of lighting is buy a bulb, and screw it into a socket and viola lol

    So i'm sorry if I seem a little dumb on the lighting.. But i've tried to read stickies and light posts and just dont understand exactly what I need other than bulbs and a socket :confused_2:

    So for CFLs I would need, the two bulbs, and some sort of socket with a y splitter?

    Cuz if possible.. I want to try and make my lighting/electrical like the Nanomachines.. But I havnt been able to PM the guy cuz on ICMag, you need a min of 50 posts for a PM >_<
  8. Your local hardware store should have clamp light reflectors. Its just a light socket attached to a brushed aluminum reflector, with a power cord. They should also have the Y splitters.

    You going to want to get the 6500K or Daylight CFLs for your veg period and replace them with 2700k or Cool White CFLs for your flowering.

    I understand that you want yours to look like the nanomachines, but honestly, I dont think his method is very effect, as it leaves very little room for vertical pot space, and for your magical growing, pot. He is, I guess, using that rack in the middle as a SCROG device? Estimating the rack at 8 inches, that leaves only 2" of grow room when using 6" pots.

    Not downing his design as it LOOKS very visually pleasing, I would like to see some grow pictures to see how well it will actually work.
  9. Ok.. Yea.. Thought thats what the spectrum was... I'll deffinetly be going with two of them I think if i can place them side by side.. We'll see what I have to work with after I get stuff finally purchased If i ever land a damn job lol

    As for the NanoMachine.. he's already come out with a very decent yeild for such a small space.. about a half ounce i think it was.. I dont plan on smoking all this right away, as i'm in the running for attending a Fire Academy in spring, so by time this finishes.. I might have to do a drug test for the Academy.. If thats the case, I'll have bud waiting for me to celebrate getting into, and finishing the academy :smoke:

    Go figure.. Public figure who likes to smoke weed.. I'll be standing out side, watching your house burn and tokin up while im at it... Unless theres a garden to be saved of course :rolleyes:

    Anyway.. Pics of the NanoMachines results.. I plan on using a slightly bigger container than him, and possibly vegging a bit longer to get a bigger plant/more yeild.. I plan on cramming this thing.. But again.. This is all hopes and dreams, and i've been on this forum since July planning a grow and researching haha

  10. That is one interesting light, I've never seen one before.

    the mini-spiral cfl bulbs have an internal ballast so the just screw into a normal medium base light socket (like in most table lamps or ceiling fixtures).

    I'd recommend using Daylight CFL bulbs (color temp 5500 degrees Kelvin) along with soft white (2700K) bulbs.

  11. good luck on getting admitted to the fire academy.

    I would never have thought that herb can be successfully grown in a computer case all the way through to harvest. I probably won't ever do it, but it is an interesting (and cleaver) technique.

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