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Is this weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CopperBollox, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Looks like weed but take it out of the bag
  2. It looks like cannabis.
  3. I must have just whitied then
  4. That is definitely weed
  5. What do you mean by whitied?
  6. When you have a bad reaction to cannabis
  7. Yeah you had a white out lmao
    That looks like some good ass weed.

    What is that like an 8th?
    If you payed more than $45 for that you got ripped off tho.
  8. it looks like weed!

    prevent this shit happening again

    always ....GROW YA OWN

    good luck
  9. Certainly looks like weed maybe if you took it out of the bag for a picture... sigh. Good luck lol
  10. Thought that was a green youngins and your new lingo that changes all the time.....

    Back in my day we just called it good weed and told whoever was bitchin to stop being a pussy...
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  11. Man i felt like i was gonna die ahaha its £10s worth which is like $15. An eigth is like £20.
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  12. It's when you throw up after taking a hit, people say it here in Scotland but I've never seen the term used on the GC.

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