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Is this weed shake or something from a gas station?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Utilaguy, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. #1 Utilaguy, Jul 2, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
    Wondering if anyone can confirm this is genuine weed shake w/mini nugs etc & not something else..had bad experience w/it. Smells loud & it's sticky...

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  2. Picture is too blurry and even if clear no one knows if it was sprayed or if you just had a severe panic attack.

    I'd toss that and never buy "online" again.
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  3. Indeed no1 will know if it was sprayed but been using online for ages, not about to stop now.. Easier said than done for those w/easy access to dispensaries etc...also if it was indeed a panic attack I'm throwing $$ & perfectly good bud out the window possibly. Just trying to rule out any possibilities
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  4. Looks like Poison Ivy

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  5. One question, where in the world can you NOT buy weed?
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  6. Lol that's str8 up popcorn nugs with okay shake

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  7. Southeast
  8. Found solid 3g nug cut at the stem so I can rule out my fears.
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  9. I’m in the southeast
    The extreme southeast uptight redneck swampville
  10. $45/O sure as hell beats 350 regardless of being shake
  11. lol anxiety
    I told you just chill little brother
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  12. Not if it freaks you out like a 12 year old
  13. true that but maybe it was just the mood I was in...thinking of trying again but hella sketchy..I think if I'd been someone who never smoked b4 it woulda been a wrap tko but still nothing like nething I ever experienced in 15 yrs lbs worth burned/vaped etc
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  14. Let us know how it goes
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  15. Will do if I survive, if I don't update, the chimp mod wins the debate & RIP
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  16. Just have emergency services on speed dial just incase man lol
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  17. Lots of trim and popcorn buds.
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  18. Well that settles everything
  19. I'm glad to report I'm happily stoned w/a hybrid type buzz off same amount, definitely a tight chest hi as well.. Thanks for the feedback every1..I suppose taking my 1st brk in yrs for 3 wks cold turkey lowered my tolerance & combined w/a little stress produced what I suspected to be the worst last night. Never imagined that could happen but glad I'm aware now. :wave::smoking-bong:
  20. Looks like trim/ shake i wouldnt worry about it being sprayed with anything unless after you take a hit you are running around neighborhood naked.
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