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Is this weed real or fake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flerbershlerber, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. #1 Flerbershlerber, Jul 21, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2013
    I just bought some "Cali Medical" from my friend. 2 grams for $20.
    i'm not new to smoking, nor am i an expert. But i want to know if this is legit weed.
    I hope this isn't herbal SPICE. But this weed came in a Swishers Sweets packet (Strawberry scent) and all i smell is strawberry. It is very soft, almost feels powder. 
    Is this real?

  2. Couple lf things

    - never buy from this "friend" EVER again

    - doesnt look like 2gs

    - looks like bad shake

    - are there seriously wood chips that i see?????
  3. I'd say spice, but really need a quality picture to tell.

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  4. "Cali medical"
  5. It kind of looks like ground up bud to me, but absolutley not 2g.
    Post a clearer pic
  6. Its weed, but really shitty weed. Definitely not "cali medical". If someone tells you they have cali medical ever again, just turn around and walk away.
  7. 1. He must not be a very good friend
    2 we need better quality pics but it looks like ground up weed
    3. If you want us to tell if it's 2 grams you'll need it to be less scattered
    4. Its definitely not Cali medical.
  8. its spice, i've seen spice that looks exactly like that. they come in flavors like strawberry and thats why it smells like that.
  9. Please please please read up on what good bud looks like. Don't make an ass of yourself by posting embarrassing pictures of a shwag ripoff. GC (and the internet) has a plethura of pics of what good and bad bud looks like. It's not that hard to learn how to do it.
  10. Why did you spread it all over the table? lol
    But like others said, it looks like ground up weed, but is definitely NOT 2 grams worth.
  11. might definately be spice.... actually it probably is
  12. It's real fake.
  13. Trash it, looks like spice or garbage shake but never seen wood chips in shake......? Also that is far from 2g you should give your boy a good beating for that then give yourself one for buying it.

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  14. thats def. potpourri/incense/spice....the wood chip pieces give it away, lil pieces of it look kinda hairy dont they and its real soft....on top of it smells like strawberry (they come in flavors or "scents"), but its a different strawberry smell then a strawberry swisher (all of it that ive smelled)...
  15. Looks like some schwagy shake mixed in with woodchips (wtf lmao?) to me. Not "cali medical" and not 2g. Did it get you high though?
  16. That looks like less than a gram...not even closer to 2..i think the wood chips added atleast a gram to the weight..
  17. Looks like spice to me.
  18. This post is stupid. There's absolutely no way to tell if that is weed, spice or whatever the fuck it is from a picture. No matter how experienced smoker you are.
    It could easily be grounded bud. Just smoke it. If it makes you high, it's weed. Otherwise it's not.
  19. its hard to tell from the picture, but it doesnt look like 2g maybe 1.4. it could be spice or ground up bud once again hard to tell from picture, i wouldnt buy from this guy again though

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