Is this weed mold?

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  1. My friend and i were going to smoke but his weed has white fuzz all over it, is it mold? It doesn’t look like chrystal’s.

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  2. First, wrong sub forum, second, yes looks like mold to me. While I don't recommend smoking it, if you do you will know if it's mold from chest pains/headaches. It will not kill you, but would not be pleasant either. If I were you I would play it safe, never buy from that plug again, and smoke some better looking bud. Your health and wellbeing are much more important than potentially smoking mold just to get a high.
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  3. Looks like moulded brick weed. Even if you didn't have mold on the buds I would imagine that the taste would be horrible
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  4. :sick: Come on, that's molded to shit! Never seen it that bad. Damn nasty!
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  5. Looks like the dust balls that you will find in an AC filter or a CPU case. LOL
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