Is this WEED growing?

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    Hello GC:)
    Ok so here's the story...i haven't grown anything yet...had nute burn issues previously with HighEnd Seeds. Ditched soil, went DWC.
    These seeds right now im trying to grow are "schwag bagseeds", i wanna have a successful grow before i waste any more premiums. 
    Is this even WEED growing. The first seedling didnt even grow it's first set of serrated leaves and the second looks a little "off". I dont know it just looks messed up. 
    Thoughts GC??
    They are around 7 days old from Germination .


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  2. looks fine to me
  3. Why is it droopy like that? It just started droopin hardcore today, to the point where it's falling over...why?
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    Could be over watering or leaning towards the light, wait for the stem to build up it'll be fine no nutes until there at least month old is a good rule to avoid nute burn

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