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Is this Wax or oil ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by scrapcd, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Hello I'm new to concentrates, and I Made this with 99% ISO
    Quick washed style
    I just bought a cloud 2.0 for wax only and was wondering if I would break it if I put this in

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416095986.049275.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416095997.528373.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416096076.006362.jpg

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  2. What you have there is generally known as...

    Hash oil.
    Oil, wax, shatter, budder, crumble..

    Are names that are associated with the consistency that of which coincides with said moniker.

    But we can talk all day about that..
    To answer your secondary question...
    No, it will not "break" your pen..

    Do not overload, and it'll be fine.
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  3. Thanks . I don't have to worry now :D

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  4. You guys are fun haha
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  5. I sold my newly bought bho extraction kit because the process seemed dangerous to make. The ISO was way easier. I basically just used coffee filters . ISO . some mason jars and flat Pyrex dish . Dry ISO over night and it was done in the morning .

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  6. It is very dangerous .... As long as you are outside in a open area, and follow proper protocol, danger is lowered signifigantly.

    *Never ever ever , NEVER do it indoors.

    * Fire Extinguisher should be a part of your Extraction kit, along with a fire blanket(even a regular blanket is suitable.)

    *No lighters, cell phones. Etc...

    All this info can be found on this site.

    And, just drying your ISO oil overnight is rather rudimentary, there is still a significant amount of solvent that needs to be purged after it dries.

    I strongly recommend vac purging any form of Hash oil regardless of choice of solvents.

    I'm not trying to "preach" to you, merely concerned about a fellow Blade's well being and health.
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  7. I also wanted to add...

    There are far too many people teaching the Qwiso technique in which no heat is used at all.

    Just blowing a fan over it, until it's "dry".
    ^^^ do NOT follow this.

    Isopropanol is poison and the most rudimentary of all the common solvents.
    Please google the dangers of ISO, before choosing to use as a solvent ...

    It can be made , and it **can** be very high quality...

    But there is so much garbage being taught by self proclaimed "qwiso kings"...

    Qwiso should be vac purged just as any solvent extraction.

    Disclaimer: these are my opinions only, and should be taken into consideration ... By no means is it "fact"
    But I'm absolutely positive that by simply allowing this to dry, then consuming is an extremely detrimental to one' long term health..

    Particularly patients with auto immune disorders.
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  8. I have to agree. I make qwiso. I also vac purge it.
    Sorry for the shitty video quality.
    The one on the bottom had already been purging for six or eight hours.
    The one on top was just going under vac for the first time and was basically what you have now. Notice all the stuff bubbling out.
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  9. I recommend buying a hot plate for doing qwiso runs, I bought a buffet server and the thing is perfect to purge with....I do need to purchase a laser thermometer however...maybe tomorrow.
  10. Thank you for posting the video man, perhaps now folks can see how much solvent gets trapped into The matrix of the oil , particularly because of it's polarity, qwiso often creates a very hard shatter..

    This entails forming a solid surface area in which the solvent is not able to escape the surface tension.

    I found this out about a year ago...
    Had made a batch of qwiso,.. Was a rather large batch, had it on heat for 3 days and a fan blowing across as well..
    Dabbed some, and it tasted good, but a bit odd...

    So I put it in the vac, and could not believe what I saw...

    Bubbling... Not decarboxylation bubbles, but big, random sized solvent bubbles.
    My stomach turned at the sight ... And went and told all my friends that rocked qwiso ..

    "Time to get a vac"
    My closer friends listened and thanked me for the insight ...

    While others mocked me, and laughed it off.
    Of course those that doubted me had never even used a damn vac.

    Vacuum purging is essential if you want to label it as medicine.
    * end rant... Sorry.
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  11. Exactly what ive been heat and fan for evap of alcohol to retain terps, Then vacced with low heat. I havent used iso in a long while but use same tech for etoh.
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