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Is This True?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cats go Bark, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. i found this on erowid psychoactive vaults about weed:

    Negative effects can include paranoia, dry mouth, respiratory problems and nervousness/racing heart. Other effects may be negative or inconvenient in certain settings or situations including reduced ability to concentrate, impaired memory, tiredness, and confusion. Side effects tend to increase with lifetime use: as users age, they often report the anxiety-producing and uncomfortable effects increase and the euphoria decreases.

    really??? :confused:
  2. i mean about the aging part..?
  3. Well, I've been smoking for 13 yrs and I really have never experienced any anxiety and definitely not reported any. LOL. And the "euphoria" is still the same for me as it was the first time I smoked. If the side effects were bad, I don't think I would continue to smoke this wonderful herb. But me and my bud have had a peaceful, trippy love affair for 13 happy years and I look forward to a bright and happy future with it.
  4. thats good to know :)
  5. WOW...........I just realized that my relationship with weed has lasted longer than any b/f I have ever had. So this has to mean that weed is the true love of my life. least I get a good buzz out of the relationship and my bud never asks for anything in return. LOL.
  6. :)

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  7. I'm pretty sure there is some truth in it.....

    And the dry mouth.... and confusion.... they're POSITIVE!!!

    Cos drymouth = dr pepper

    and confusion = peanut butter fights
  8. the only time ive really got paranoid when i was smokeing is when i was doing it outside before school one time. I ended up eating some of my herb too cause i seen a cop speed by, although he was evedently pulling someone over.
  9. LOL dude for real! About the aging thing.. prolly depends on how much you smoke and the potency of your pot. Moderation is a good thing. I guess :p
  10. Well different people get different side effects....I get some real bad paranoia but thats pretty much it. Oh yeah my lungs were more fucked up then they were before I smoked but who needs lungs anyways?!?! :)
  11. Yeah, i get it all! LOL, or do i? can't remember....
  12. Obviously you shouldn't try to do complicated things like long division, brain surgury, or driving a stock car while high. Pretty much the whole point is to relax and not do anything terribly important.
  13. I cant do long division when im sober either......:(
  14. cool to be here

    If there are any U.S.C. Members here HOLLA!
  15. My friend quit smokingbecause she was getting panick attacks from smokeing pot. she says it doesnt happen when she smokes oil..what does that mean ?
  16. Ive just started smoking this summer and ive gotten really paranoid when i am high and im thinking about quitting cause the paranoia is just to much of a pain in the ass and ive had all the other things happen but it may have to do with your age im only 14 but ya ive gotten really paranoid after just finishing like half a bowl but when i smoke a lil joint and i mean tiny ass joint like only 4 hits or less i feel fine. So from what i have experienced yes you do get paranoid and if anyone knows how to help with it please tell me!!!!!!!
  17. Been tokin around 23 years on and off, (mainly on)

    Had the odd bad experience but on the whole its been good.

    seems to get better with age (and the fact you may stop giving a shit what most people think).
    Its (imo) a lot to do with the state of mind your in before you toke, the amount you allow yourself and weather or not your surroundings are comfortable.

    The legal issues do not help of cause, i,ve never experienced much paranoia when visiting Holland !!!

  18. Fester is indeed right, it is all about the state you are in before you start smoking. I know that when I did it in the woods behind my friend's house, he'd always perk up and ask "What was the noise" whenever a deer walked by or some branch snapped. Once he went on an expedition to find that noise and we found him later that night back in his kitchen eating food... he completely forgot about us!!

    ahh... the good old paranoid days, but now college has come and the little old single smells like weed 24/7.

    peace and happy tokin to all!

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