is this true?

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  1. Is it true if you put a seed in hawaiin punch then it gets into the genes of the seed and makes the marijuana smell/taste like that?
  2. hahahhaha since when does hawaiian punch alter genes?
  3. lol well idk thats wut people are telling me =/
  4. No. That's not true.
  5. they're lying to you man.

    The way the flowers taste and smell come from the dna, the way the plant was grown and the way the buds were cured

    There is no way for hawaiian punch to "get into the genes", to do that properly you'd have to splice in genes from another plant that have the ability to make the buds produce the right smell and taste.

    Hawaiian punch simply doesn't have the ability to do that.
  6. yea thats what i thought but is there somthing that can do that?
  7. yeah. fruit punch.
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    Dude.... did you graduate JUNIOR high?

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  9. Yea buy some flavored rolling papers and make your weed taste like whatever you want.

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