Is this true?

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  1. Absolutely not.
  2. False Propaganda typical from the morally corrupt wrong thinking machine. i won't even bother reading it as i know It is full of lies and half truth,
  3. Reading media lowers IQ more than marijuana use by babies.
  4. Granny will be along soon to blow this out of the water.
  5. It's like saying watching cartoons or playing video games lowers IQ. Everyone knows a failure who smokes weed, or does nothing but watch TV and play video games. That makes it believable, and people aren't surprised that cannabis lowers IQ.

    Even though its total bullshit, it is believable bullshit for a lot of people. "Why shouldn't marijuana lower IQ? My stoner friend sure is a fool."

    These scientists need to stop picking cherries. ;)
  6. How could you believe that ? If you've used marijuana you should know better
  7. absolutely not....

    but being a psychology major, i can say your brain isn't fully developed until the age of 25, roughly. that being said, if you proceed to use other drugs actively, your brain will develop in a way that it is used to having some kind of psychoactive substance in there. i learned that the hard way but now i am 29 and learning to increase my plasticity and 'widening the pathways' you could say.
  8. Correlation does not imply causation. /thread
  9. (From the last thread on the same topic :) )


    Don't worry guys, 'Reefer Madness' has just hit NZ (and unfortunately Australia, as well) a bit later than the rest of the globe. :p

    Mainly, because they are currently in a battle, trying to tighten their cannabis laws, due to the only slightly-less-recent 'Skunk Scare' craze going on in the UK, where the cannabis laws in NZ and Aus have been a bit more lax up until now...

    It's convenient how, prior to now, they were boasting how harmless and beneficial cannabis is..... but currently, with their new legal system and attempts to over-criminalize cannabis, it's suddenly becoming demonized again. [​IMG]


    Keep in mind, this same 'study' of only 1,000+/- people, also claims that cannabis users are over four times as likely to be violent as non-users, and that we're over twice as likely to be violent, as alcoholics, and twice as likely to be violent as people suffering from psychosis...

    Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study

    These are the folks performing the test... and of the 1,000 or so people in the study, less than 27% have admitted to cannabis use.

    That's around 270 people.

    They're studying a smaller number of cannabis users, than for instance the number of kids in a single class in some high schools.

    But I guess it's a bit better than that other recent study on only 33 people where they were trying to prove cannabis caused 'smaller brain development', performed (I believe), in Australia. :p

    Let's also remember that the only cannabis users they're studying, are those 'short-sighted' enough to admit that they use it, while taking a government funded and well-recorded survey, where recreational use is punishable... which could be indicative of an IQ issue, in and of itself. :p

    Besides that we're apparently four times as violent as non-users, and twice as violent as alcoholics, this same study also determined that it found "a link to psychosis in cannabis users", because a whopping 3% of people who use cannabis, eventually develop psychological issues...

    "When they were 18, 27 per cent said they used cannabis at least once a month, some every day. By the time they were 26, 3 per cent overall had developed some recognised psychosis: 1 per cent had schizophrenia and 2 per cent had milder conditions. " - Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study

    But 3%, also happens to be the same exact number that humans in general, whether they use canna or not, are at risk for developing psychosis... some 'link' they found, eh'? :p:p:p

    This is THE study, where the official suspicion on cannabis-induced psychoses (beyond blind assumptions) stemmed from during the early 2000's, and why people still worry about it today.

    And keep in mind, the Denedun Study's 'bar' for psychosis was set relatively low.. if you were in the smokers group and you were lazy, or couldn't hold a job well, or if you were a bit shy, it counted towards psychosis during their testing. [​IMG]

    And a real study on general human psychosis...

    Psychosis Affects Three Percent of People During Lifetime | Mental Health Directory

    "Psychosis affects about 3 percent of people during the course of their life. Executive Director of NAMI, Michael Fitzpatrick, says these individuals and families often experience high levels of isolation and hopelessness.
    NAMI Medical Director, Dr. Ken Duckworth, says psychosis is a symptom and not a diagnosis. It can be intermittent, transient, short term or part of a long-term condition such as bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia, and usually involves delusions or hallucinations, stated Duckworth. "

    What we're discussing, is THE study, where the official suspicion on 'cannabis-induced psychoses' (beyond blind assumptions) stemmed from, during the early 2000's, and why people still worry about it today.

    In short (TL;DR :p ) this IQ article is linked to an on-going several decade old study, that in part is funded by the local government, and these numbers have existed for over ten years... and conveniently, they only begin twisting their findings to discover 'problems' with cannabis, every time the government sets their eye on increasing penalties for cannabis use. [​IMG]

    Just some food for thought. [​IMG]

  10. Well seeing as how many of us have smoked before we were legal adults, I'm sure it concerns many people.
  11. Whenever I see people with one post link to articles like this I know what the score is....

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