Is this True???

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  1. if you harvest your plant by cutting the branches but leaving the main stem and some of the branches, will they continue to flower?? like will they grow new buds? no right? my aunt swears this to me and she has grown plants outdoors in florida for years, i googled it but cant get a serious answer...please let me know im not insane and once u chop a plant its done? right?? lol m brain hurts:smoke:
  2. It's called cloning. Google it.
  3. no man, not cloning....nvm
  4. i mean if i cut the branch right where the buds stop growing...would it sprout NEW buds, which now that i think about it its impossible, but thanks neway
  5. Really ghotz. If you want a new account at least have a different username than your previous banned ones. now you will prob be IP banned
  6. What she did was re-veg the plant. For example, I can havest and leave 30% on the plant. What you leave will regrow and after some time you harvest again.
  7. ^this.

    But its not really worth it. You will yeild way more if you just start over

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