Is this true about my workouts?

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  1. So I'm not a huge health nut or anything and I don't really know a ton of stuff about fitness but I do workout almost everyday. I don't go to a gym, I have a stationary bicycle and one of those total body gyms(you know the thing Chuck Norris made. Haha) anyway I have a few friends that go to our local gym and they're always telling me stuff like "dude your never gonna get results using that stuff you need to be in the gym lifting real weights and taking like 30 different supplements" this can't be true, can it? I thought working out was working out.
  2. Go strength train with your's alot more fun than working out alone.
    You can always do some cardio at home or whatever, but's fun working out with people.
  3. Well your boys are kind of right, you probably will get a better workout at the gym.
    I mean think about it, if you go to the gym, you'll probably work out for longer/harder than you would at home, because hell there is nothing else to do at the gym. Also a gym lets you do things like squats/deadlifts, which are great if you're trying to gain mass.
  4. They're schedules are way different then mine. We can't make it work plus the gym they go to has a kinda expensive monthly fee not outrageous but I figure why pay when I got everything i need at home.
  5. I think gyms are over rated. You can buy all the equipment that is in a gym even for home (granted you need a bit of cash). My missus works out at home and actually has gotten better results than going to the gym. She has even taken up yoga, something that she would normally have to pay for!

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    there isn't just one way to workout. it all depends on what you have available and what you want to achieve. barbells are awesome tools and are better for many reasons but they are not absolutely necessary.
    the point of working out is to put yourself in a situation where you are forced to push your own limits, and you dont necessarily always need a gym membershp to do this. you can make progress by using more resistance or running as fast as possible or whatever.
  7. Exactly if I'm pushing my limits and getting really good workouts does it really matter what equipment I use?
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    I train for bodybuilding and powerlifting (starting to compete this year), I'm no professional but I'll say what I can. 
    Are you trying to train for aesthetics? Or are you trying live a healthy lifestyle? Those are things you should ask yourself when thinking about what your friends said. If you want to build muscle get bigger and eventually tone up, then yes lifting weights is something you will need to do. If you want to stay in shape and just be healthy then the equipment you have at home will work for you.
    But the supplementation is not absolutely necessary. Supplements like Creatine, Pre-workouts, etc, are all things that will help, but you aren't going to gain 30lbs of muscle just because you take supplements. Many weight-lifters consider supplements to be necessary, and I agree that there are many supplements that people should take when training, but you can achieve great results without them. Supplements aren't going to get you bigger over night, hard work dedication diet and sleep is what's going to help you get the results YOU want.
    The most important things for training and getting results I find are Diet, Sleep, & Training (in that order).
    P.S: If your friends are telling you that you NEED to take a bunch of different supplements to get results, I would probably be careful with what advice you take from them. 
  9. What you really need to do .........
    Depends on what your really looking for...
    Different types of workout produce different types of results ....obviously.....
    Do what works for you.... as long as it gives you what your looking for...
  10. I'm trying to bulk up a little but for the most part I'm trying to lose fat and tone up and just be in better shape in general. And as far as the supplements go I want to get in good shape the natural way. Just do it with a good diet and good ole hard work.
  11. Nothing wrong with that...
    Only place fat is burned is in the muscle cells...
    More muscle you have... more fat you burn...
    You don't need the gym and the whole regime unless you are looking for that kind of result.... and don't want to buy your own equipment....
  12. Thanks everyone for the input but the equipment I have now that'll work for losing fat and bulking up a little?
  13. HA....
    Get a job as a iron/steel worker. After 15 years you will be a human forklift.
    It made me strong, I was moving metal on a daily basis,  I handled things like they were a gallon of milk but were 80-100 pounds and I tossed them around one handed.
    Brick masons are strong people too, dont piss one of when he is drunk. :laughing:
  14. 20years on the roof......
    And whatever construction was available when that was slow....
    Yeah... any real honest hard word will make you strong.....
  15. The only thing about using the same equipment all the time is that your body will adapt to the workouts you do... Meaning you won't see as good of gains as often or as fast as if you switched it up with different workouts. Maybe see if your gym offers like 3 days a week type pass that is cheaper and mix that in with your home equipment.
  16. Also supplements are not needed, but may increase or speed up results... Just make sure you get something that is actually good for gains and not something with a bunch of bullshit in it like muscle milk
  17. I do work like that I'm a pipe welder for a construction cooperation but Im still kinda fat. I'm strong enough I just wanna lose some of this excess fat.
  18. @[member="Vegas_Fire"] yeah I get that but I work until my muscles burn and the equipment I use has settings like the height and resistance. And muscle milk is one of the things they tell me to take and I'm just like Na bro I don't want all those chemicals and shit. Whey protein maybe.
  19. After my workouts I take this bottled stuff called Isopure. No added bullshit just 40g of whey protein and 160 calories nothing else. Other then that I drink milk and eat a lot of chicken and brown rice.

    I know what you are saying, you increase the weight, but oddly enough doing different exercises for the same muscle work it in completely different ways... It's like running and riding a bike or roller skating, both use leg muscles but work the muscles different.

    If you are pretty strong and want to lose weight just do a lot of cardio man that's the only thing you can do for that. Or high reps lower weight but really just go running or swim laps you will tone up real quick.
  20. I have another question I work out for about an hour pretty much every night half hour on total body works Pull ups sit ups bench press and then another half hour on the stationary bike. Should I drink whey protein shakes or do I not work out long enough? Cause I hear if you don't work out enough protein shakes just make you fat.

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