Is this true? 40% thc buds in Australia

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but lets get to the point"You might think of places like Amsterdam or California as leaders in high potency marijuana, but new research shows it's actually Australia that grows the world's strongest pot. In a study published last week, samples taken from the street market measured 15 percent THC on average, with the most potent strains measuring as high as 40 percent." This would be cool but as it said the CBD would go down. Either way 40 percent is nuts. Happy tokin :smoke:
  2. its possible
  3. Highest I've seen is %32 got %29 on the regular from a labtested club. I don't doubt %40 either way I'll keep dabbing my %92-98 THC bho
  4. Seems to me that if it was true we would be seeing people selling the seeds.

  5. Wow... 80 proof buds?
  6. I'm just like ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391149780.080251.jpg Cuz I've had like 23 percent and over but not anything around 40 til it gets to hash, bho, tincture etc.
  7. Yeah anything over 20% is crazy potent, 40% seems a little exaggerated for flowers.
  8. That would mean 40% of the plant itself is THC. When you consider the chemical compisition of plants this just seems impossible. Even 20% is pushing it.
  9. not true...maybe if there wasnt any leaf mater and it was just trichs growing on stem
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    wonder if that's outdoor, indoor, or both ?
    lots of speculation on UVs making more trichs.
    more trich = more THC
    and Down Under is UV land I've been told by cancer researchers
    EDIT; if I'm getting my UV Vs.UVr science right
  11. Resin /does/ make up a lot of the plant's mass - compared to leaves/stems it's pretty dense.
  12. That's a stupid statement. One person can grow %12 THC bud from the same seeds as someone who grew %27 bud. It has more to do eoith how its grown
  13. idk highest flower ive ever seen maxed out about 25-28%...excellent medical 40%? idk that seems a bit pumped up...
  14. I fucking hope so cus Im not really into oils 
    i LOLed so fucking hard when i thought about that
  16. either way, Australia has got the dank, judging by what ive seen on gc
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    Somebodys panties are in a bunch :confused_2:
    Seeds will always be a little different even with stabilized strains. Believe me I know about people growing the same strains. Some that I have bred are always different looking depending on who I give the clones to. They smell the same but have different potency levels. The point i was making was that if someone has 40% thc I would imagine they would be trying to get these strains out. Also if you read the comments in the article someone had posted that they got into contact with the lady that did the study and he tried to explain the study was flawed and she agreed. Not saying it can't happen the highest I have seen was around 27-28%
  18. haha. yet u wrote me a whole essay ;). im jus fuckin  with u. the hoighest ive smoked is %29 the highest ive seen is %32. %40 sounds crazy. but as u see by many posts to some %20 sounds crazy so its prolly possible. either way i wudnt give a fuck since i dont smoke weed unless im at a party. i dab
  19. I figured as much :laughing: 
    I would love to get my hands on some 40%er can you imagine the oil.

  20. The highest I smoked is 29% THC. One of my friends said he's smoked 32%, but 40% is nuts!!!

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