Is this too much to ask for

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by finn slice, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Leme start off by saying this isnt just a loner tanjent Im seriously asking if this is unrealistic.
    A nice attractive girl (8 or better) whos not trashy. Likes to go out (I like to go to parties and drink. she doesnt need to drink or anything but itd be great if she was there) Not loose af(doesnt need to be a virgin but if she sleeps around huge red flag id still bang her but Id never date a sloot) her being down for a relationship or atleast not talking to other guys. Doesnt need to give it up fast but a couple weeks to a month max. Lastly doesnt have to smoke weed but itd make it so much better. Almost all the girls I know are dumb sloots that get white girl wasted and sleeps around or the complete opposite hardly go out(if ever) completely prude like never seen a dick prude and there awkward as hell so its almost worse cause im a little bit awkward too but its just hard to keep a convo goin with these girls.
    So what do you all think am I being to picky or should I just keep waiting.
  2. I'd like the same thing. Minus the party type. I don't do that.
    But I think if you're gonna want a girl that parties, like 50% will will be white girl wasted sloots.
  3. Yeah but what I meant was I dont want a party girl but if there was a party and I was gonna go itd be nice to have her roll in with me idk if you understand what I mean its just like if I go out I wana be with the lady I guess is what im tryin to say.
    what you are asking is very hard to come by - most bitches will be watching you like a hawk at parties and telling you how much you can drink/smoke 

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