Is this too much nitrogen or wtf is this shit maaaaan

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  1. Yo man I got two plants one looks more indica and is doing fine
    This other looks more saliva, both seeds I saved from really good batches
    But this saliva one looks like the leaves are drying out and the tips are turning dark green, no spots anywhere
    It may be over watering of this vitagrow shit I use for veg state, I know I'm. Not supposed to give veg food to newly flowering, also I started 12/12 on new year, this is a micro grow, two cfls, a lot of daily rotation and fanning, been going good til my best looking one was a male and had to be plucked, down to two, I need this one to survive haaaalp

    The soil is still wet after a couple days of watering so maybe too much water and heavy on the nitro is what did it, but how do I fix it?
  2. The leaves looks dried at the tips but not all are effected just the big leaves
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    I'm thinking you mean saTiva.Pics may get you some help bro.
  4. image.jpg that's it
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    You said "after a couple days watering." If your implying that you're watering every day or two, then I'd say your compounding the issue. Let the soil dry, and yes, looks like too much salts. After she dries a bit, flush your soil and bring the root-zone to 6.5/6.8 ph for improvement.
  6. Thanks, I meant that it was still wet at the top a couple days after I watered it. I water every four to five days
  7. Did you flush?

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