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  1. I'm and old guy looking for advise
    I have about 10 each1 plant indoor grows under my belt - Most from unknown strains culled from seeds given to me from my friends that found them in the buds/bags they purchased.
    I've had decent luck both in yield and potency. I'm about 8 weeks from seed O.G.Kush purchased from what I hope is a reputable seed bank
    I'm growing in a 2x2x4 tent w/ a 1000 Mars TS1000 LED. Soil mix of 20% pearlite, 30% H.F. and 50% O.F.
    Using F.F. B.B. G.B and T.B. at about 2/3 strength. I used Open sesame for 3 weeks and just added my second application of Beastie Bloom. Will start next week w/ Cha Ching.
    Is there any thing anyone can suggest enhancing my yield at this point?
    I would like to try next grow w/ something different in the fertilizer world
    All my friends are too lazy to grow. They are no help, so I'm reaching out to the community for some new ideas
  2. I've been doing fairly close to what you have and yield has been fairly consistent at about 4-6 oz per plant. Maybe veg a little longer? And I've never harvested less than 10 weeks of flower, the last 2 weeks or so really seem to fill out a lot. Those yields suit me, others here grow some monsters and probably have some good pointers to boost yield.
  3. why not try organic.... Growing Organic Marijuana

    good luck
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