is this the start of mold

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  1. Three weeks into flowering the the top bud's pistons are turning brown.

    Is this the start of mold?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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  2. I very much doubt the plant has mold or bud rot at this stage, do you have a temperature humidity gauge in their?
    Do you have a small fan in their?
    Do you have high humidity and cool room?

    Get an early start on this cursed hassle and see my blog below on mold.

  3. It's an outdoor white widow. So I can't judge the humidity.

    I understand it's an indoor plant, so I'm moving it indoors when it's damp or raining.

    I really appreciate the help and I'll check out your blogs.

    Another question is neem oil a help if it's outdoors?

    Thanks again!
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    You don't fix cars without tools or!

    Thats why I recommend you purchase a temperature humidity gauge $5.00 walmart etc.
    Neem Oil, is good as a preventive tool too, use as a hand spray 1x week at 1/4 strength

  5. Will do. I'll bet that's 40 dollars in Canada though!

    Example, I just paid 26 dollars for 12 Bud!

    Thanks for the help!

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