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  1. Hey guys, so I've been having this "issue" for quite a while now. Everything will look fine and then about 3 weeks into veg, the top growth will start twisting and looking a lighter green. However, the rest of the plant will be lush green and healthy as can be, with no other presenting problems to be seen. I grow in a super soil mix which I will list below in order to give you the full spectrum of information to diagnose what this may or may not be. I know due to winter that my temps have been getting a little low (low of 59) and my humidity has lowered a bit to about 45 give or take and was also wondering if this could be a factor in what I've been seeing? Basically I just want to know if this is going to be an issue such as a deficiency or if its just the elements working there way in. Anyways, I've listed some pictures below and as stated before will list my soil mix as well.

    Soil mix per 3 cubic feet of soil
    7.5 gallons of Promix BX with myco
    7.5 gallons of Perlite/Diotomaceus Earth
    7.5 gallons of EWC (usually get wiggle worm off of amazon) and Coast of Maine Lobster Compost
    2 cups of powdered lime and 1 cup of gypsum
    3 cups Dr. Earth Kelp Meal
    2 cups Dr. Earth Alfalfa Meal
    2 cups Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer
    2 cups Neem Resource Neem Cake
    2 cups Dr. Earth Crab Shell Meal
    12 cups Rock dust


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  2. 59 is too low I'm dealing with outside temps from last week as low as 9° and usually 20-30° plans are doing fine. Add a space heater for lights off, mines in t-stat for 64°. Daytime temp
    Lights on is 75-78° in tent. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1455954669.279810.jpg

    9 weeks in flower has been going all winter no problems coldness wise that a $20 heater can't fix
  3. I did have twisting early on because smart pots were on floor which was on slab and was watwring w too cold of water, used warmer water lifted pots off tent floor w two strips of wood all swirls and problems resolved.
  4. Here's what the Holygrail looked like when it was cold ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456012413.255159.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456012451.389023.jpg

    Once I did the above she turned into a big gorgeous producer ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456012476.701622.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456012497.294833.jpg
  5. I also was rootbound because I was in midst of setting up final home so she stayed a few weeks in a one gallon too long but no ill effects except sow growth after up pot
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    Thanks very much for the tips...I do currently have a space heater down there (radiator style) on the 900 watt option and although it does put out good heat it does little to affect the area I grow in due to the conditions. I am basically growing in a damp basement with concrete walls lol so getting heat is quite the difficulty. I've blanketed off half the basement in order to save heat also and just today turned the other 2 600's on in prep for flower so that's sure to heat things up a bit more down there as well. The weather seems to look as if it will also be in my favor for the next week or two at least so I'm hoping that all of that combined will give me better results. I'll throw some silica into my tea before administering it tomorrow to further protect a little as well. Thanks for the tips and beautiful job on the Holy Grail! I had got a seed of it with high hopes but it ended up being a dud, I will definitely be getting another one with my next tude order, cheers!

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