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Is this the 'rule'?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, May 26, 2009.

  1. So im getting some weed tomorrow from my dealer who is a good mate. And everytime i've bought weed of him, i've always shared a joint with him. He says 'it is the rule to take your dealer for a joint' now is that right? Or is that a way of getting a free joint??
  2. He has his own stash.

    And you're paying him for it. Why should you have to smoke him up?

    Now, if he delivered it to you or went out of his way to obtain it for you, then you do need to be friendly, but if it was just an in and out situation then you don't owe him shit. :p
  3. ive never smoked a joint with my dealers, except my friends but it wasnt always a joint, but then i was the dealer and providing, its not a rule
  4. I don't think its a rule, but its a nice thing to do. Drug dealers arn't obligated to be selling you weed, its a choice they have to make. And the nicer you are to your dealers, the nicer they are towards you.

    Plus, a little math for ya. If your dealer doesn't have to smoke out of his personal stash as often, that means that he will have more to sell, make more money, and be able to pick up on bigger ammounts, thus causing him to have weed more often.

    But all of my dealers are good friends of mine, and if I had weed I would be smoking with them anyway. :p
  5. i'd rather share 2 bowls with him then share a joint.....

    saves weed, and its enough for him to be happy....
  6. A lot of times it's just to smoke a freebie unless, like was mentioned before, they delivered it to you or pulled it from their own stash. If it happens again just bring a bowl or roll a pinner, cause outright refusing can lose that person as a contact.
  7. My dealer is also my best friend so it all gets smoked with him anyways, I just get his prices =]
  8. Sure why not, you'll build a better relationship :D
  9. It's not a rule, just good tokers' etiquette.
  10. Its not a rule, its just a common courtesy. Its saying "heres thanks for gettin me this nug man"

    But in my opinion this is not how it should be. My guy always smokes me out on the product BEFORE i buy it to see if i like it. If i dont then i try another strain, or just buy less and wait untill he gets more

    but yeah its NOT a "rule". As in, do NOT feel like you 'owe' the dealer a J. If the dude is being a prick and running in circles with you then i would be less inclined to smoke him out. But its just a way of saying thanks.
  11. You don't have to, but it is courteous to do so. If you do he might give you better deals and all that. Remember dude, dealers are people too. They like the herb just as much as us, and if you treat them well, they'll treat you well.
  12. that would seem pretty wierd to smoke with a dealer unless he's a friend of yours but i wouldnt smoke a joint with cause u pretty much just gave him your stash
  13. I always smoke up my dealers, friends or not, especially if they go out of their way to get it for/to me. It's not a written rule, but it's a good thing to do because it keeps 'em happy, and a happy dealer doesn't short you and will be willing to help you out on short notice or go pick for you from someone else if they're dry.
  14. Never heard of this, he's trying to get free weed.
  15. sounds to me like this guy is hustling you. If you were to offer him the joint that's different, but he's asking, nay lying and saying that it's a "rule" for you to smoke him up? He's using you. Probably taxing your bud too.
  16. Quoted for Truth.
  17. Yeah dog he's def hustling you do you think he smokes up J's with every single person that he sells to, well if he did he must be pretty fucking blunted all day every day lol.
  18. That's no rule, he's bullshitting you, it's nice to smoke out your dealer, I know I do a lot, but that ain't no rule you have to smoke him out anything.

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