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Is this the "Good Stuff"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolstorybro, May 25, 2010.

  1. How is the quality? Did I get ripped off?




    More pictures can be added if necessary.
  2. How much did you pay? lol.
  3. If you can pinch it and it doesn't fall apart then it's dank. It might be dry, I can't tell that from the pictures.
  4. Smoke it. Lets see how high you get
  5. I paid 15 bucks for it...

    EDIT: Just tried to pinch it. Didn't fall apart. Should be good. Even came with a free seed :3
  6. #6 iLoveWaterBongs, May 25, 2010
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    Looks like some decent quality, pretty compressed looking. The bigger pieces certainly don't look too bad at all, actually looks preeetty nice. However they could have a little more trichomes and the bud could be denser. If it smokes alright and you are more than just a little satisfied with the high for your money, then you win in the end. I personally would not spend more than $15-20, more in the $20 range, for that; but weed is pretty cheap in Texas.

    Edit: I just read you spent 15. Seems like a pretty good deal to me buddy. Get high and have fun man, nothing to worry about here. I'd spend 15 on that easy.

    Edit2: Just adjusted brightness and saw a lot more to your buds then before. Now I'm starting to think you came off ahead a little in that deal, compared to most dealer's amounts these days (unless your dude deals in pretty big stock), the buds look a lot better then I thought.
  7. I would call that almost good, the pics aren't great but from what I can see they are about high mids. Honestly though, when your new you don't need the best quality. Although I always look for quality.

    Tips for taking bud photos:
    Place a single bud on a piece of plain white paper on a flat surface. Use a small flshlight shining from above pointing on the bud(not too close, hold it so it lights the paper surrounding the bud as well) and focus the camera on the bud. This takes practice to get good pictures but just look around stash jar and you'll see what I mean. Gl bro
  8. Umm... Looks like mold on that nug. Or, what would that white webby thingy be?

    Unless that's sleeper weed, I think you could get a bit more for $15.
  9. Looks like pretty good weed. I'd say it was a fair deal. Should get you pretty high, especially if you're a new toker :)

  10. Ide have to agree looks like high mids to me...if your a new toker then you should get a pretty nice high from that...Happy Smoking
  11. Is that really mold? I don't really want to get some sort of respiratory problem from smoking this stuff. Otherwise, it looks pretty good... It doesn't feel dry, and it also doesn't break when I pinch it.
  12. I thought it might be a glare but if that fuzzy white shut really is there then don't smoke it.
    Certain types of fungus could kill you

  13. lol, I can't really prepare like that with my family upstairs. I would if I could, but I did my best.

    Further inspection on the weed reveals the "mold" was just glare on the hair on the stems. I shall have fun smoking this stuff with my friends.
  14. All right then, enjoy. :smoke:
  15. Just noticed that myself. I would clip that part of the nugget off, man. When in doubt, DO NOT SMOKE IT! Otherwise, looks like pretty good stuff, happy toking :smoking:
  16. Hey man! You finally got it, yay!

    Looks pretty damn good, better than what I have atm. Yea, you -s-h-o-u-l-d- will get high off of that. Just remember all of the advice we've given you :)
  17. Lol what....?
  18. 15 for that is decent around here.
  19. 15 is *very* good around here, I'm from New York. When I went on "" (I think) the average price is like, 20-40 bucks. The good this is the dealer is my friend. However, when my parents leave tomorrow, I'm gonna check out the weed again to make sure there's no mold. Don't wanna die -_-

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