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Is this the good shit or the shit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sahid, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. #1 Sahid, Jan 25, 2014
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    My guy said this was the good stuff and theres was some white shit in it so i took it out and iwhen i smoked i coughed like a bitch idk if theres anything in it so i took this pic.
    I payed $40 for a half quarter and it was like 3.1


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  2. Are you trolling or
  3. No my eyes were watering and it tasted like shit
  4. its the bomb shit...
  5. The white trichomes indicate a ton of thc, the purple color indicates high quality. That's some really really good bud, you must have not smoked dank before
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    :eek:  :yummy: The Shiznit!
    Purple doesn't necessarily mean high quality. Please don't pass on that advice!  :smoke:
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  8. #8 Sahid, Jan 25, 2014
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    I smoked the same stuff before and didnt cough, so I think there might be some type of chemical in it. none the less i was still baked as fuck.
  9. Highly unlikely that it was laced honestly
  10. That's some real nice looking bud, dude. The "white" in that picture is exactly what you want, those are the trichomes and the more the better. If you ever get weed that looks white like it has spider webs all over it, that's probably mold and you'd want to avoid it.
    You may just be coughing because it's stronger than you're used to. :confused_2: 
    Yea but there was some white styrofoam stuff in the middle of a nug thats the stuff i took out.
  12. What you got sir is called 'OG Semen White Widow OGswag HAZE 420 fire amber ice'. Probably dankest bud ever.
    That's alot of THC.
  13. See any spider webs? Thats mold.

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  14. Purple means it was harvested in the cold and its generics turn the leafs and bud purple in cold.
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  15. #15 Samus Aran, Jan 25, 2014
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    Purple does NOT indicate high quality. Purple is the result of low temperature growth environments or genetics. Please do not spead misinformation.
  16. looks pretty dense could have mold in it
    The 'white styrofoam' was probably just a bit of perlite that got in there from the soil it was grown in, no big deal just remove it and its all good. Happens sometimes if a little bit of soil/perlite gets kicked up on a bud or two during the grow cycle or during harvest..
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    I'm pretty sure that's what I said, almost exactly lol
    Indeed, I didn't read past his post. :smoking:
  20. If it's harsh and tastes might have not been flushed properly or not cured properly.

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