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Is this the end of Herman Cain?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kana bush, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. What do you guys think, is he a rapist? :smoke:
  2. Dont think he's a rapist, but so far sounds like he did some inappropriate things.
    Dont see how he could be a viable candidate after this.
  3. Yeah he's done.
  4. He was done before he started. Just another talking head for the GOP to throw against the wall and try to get something to stick. As long as Ron Paul doesn't win, everything will be fine and dandy with the world.
  5. [ame=]Herman Cain 999 Plan 10 Hours - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Probably won't hurt him much, but from this video, it kinda seems like he isn't being completely honest.

    If you study his facial expressions, notice at around 00:46 when he says "as far as these latest charges," he turns his head to the left and looks down - unconscious sign of shame or guilt.

    Also, pay attention to how he is affirming his point. Very boldly, and confidently, right?

    "I CAN categorically SAY I have NEVER acted inappropriately with ANYONE. PERIOD"

    Cain is 66 years old, I'm sure he has acted inappropriately plenty of times, but that's not the issue. The issue is, the interviewer only asks about Bialek, yet Cain attempts to broaden his point to make his statement more emphatic. Then he adds "PERIOD" at the end. All this --> huge sign of dishonesty.

    Remember Clinton? "I NEVER told ANYBODY to lie. Not a SINGLE time. NEVER"

    Next, pause the clip at around 00:41 to 00:42.. it's so brief, that it's actually less than a full second. Cain gives a half smile just as he says "I have NEVER acted inappropriately..." another tell-tale sign

    Finally, notice how from 00:45 on, he cuts his sentences off in the middle and switches to another thought.

    "I don't even remember(incomplete thought)...I reject.."
    "When I first saw her, I didn't recollect even(incomplete thought)...I didn't recognize..."

    When you're're always anxious to switch from one statement to the next, wanting to get the lie over with. Like when someone says,
    "I couldn't...I mean I didn't even...he never told me," they're lying.

    All in all, pretty obvious something is fishy. You can tell a lot about someone's intentions just by studying how they get their thoughts across
  7. Hopefully! Although I really hope he uses the race card and just makes this whole fiasco awkward as hell for the mainstream media, I love to watch them squirm!
  8. It probably won't be the end of him. But it should be; not for the reason of sexual assault allegations... but for his policies. His foreign policy of "might is right", his support for state sponsoring of religion, and more importantly the 9-9-9 bullshit plan. His policies are reason he shouldn't serve as president. The fact that he "may" have touched some women in the 1990's alone doesn't somehow magically disable him to become president.
  9. He never was electable.
  10. I didn't know Herman Cain was a candidate. I thought he was cartoon character.
  11. Hopefully all of this will allow people to step back and actually look at his garbage policies and see he is not a good candidate.

  12. Yea, he was never a good candidate to begin with. Like some one else said, Hermain Cain reminds me of a cartoon of a politician. He was riding a pretty hot wave of popularity though, I dont think he would have got the presidential nomination from the republican party, but he probably would have stuck around detracting attention away from sensible republican politicians.... Like Ron Paul.
  13. I always thought Herman Cain was just bored and thought trolling the american presidential system would be fun.
  14. Publicity goes up for him, book sales go up for him, he'll have a Faux Business News TV Show next Autumn. Herman's presidential campaign might be coming to an end, but unfortunately our everyday sanity will be no more, as Cain will continue to be a "prominent" talking head for neo-conservatism.
  15. Hannity & Herman anyone?

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