Is this the biggest nug youve ever seen?

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Damn, how much does that thing weigh!!?
  2. Holy shit... that can't be real or can it haha but damn dude that's insane.
  3. Thats not a nug... Thats Randy Marsh's shit.
  4. That sir is called a brick...
  5. I've seen bigger, but I don't really remember when.
  6. Almost... :) I don't mean to be a downer or negative, but I'm honestly curious... is that really cannabis in the above photo? It looks a little like some of the legal herbs, or maybe smaller buds pressed together. Again I really don't mean to be negative in any way, I'm just curious.

    It could be a strain thing, I've seen a few big buds in my time, but I don't recall any that formed much like that :eek:




  7. i dont no i stopped by my buddys and was likE WTFFFF yo i need a fucking picture of that haha and now im here at this point in time. ill find out later its weight
  8. Kinda just looks like a bunch of bud that was compacted and stuck together in that shape.
  9. he coulda been boppin me but either way Its still insane
  10. you sure thats not a bunch of buds stuck together?
  11. I need a grow guide from him
  12. Looks kind of like a sponge
  13. In your other thread you said you stuck smaller nugs together, so no
  14. Oh good :) I really didn't want to be rude on the first page, or be too forward when I mentioned it, but according to this:
    Big Bud thread you're right. :p
  15. [ame][/ame]

  16. Yep.

    I've seen one bigger than my forearm.In a magazine I've seen buds like pounds though.I mean this dude ease harvesting 5-6 pounds dry per plant.They had bark on them bro shit was crazy.
  17. One of the biggest, yes. One of the nicest for sure.

    High quality big nug. damn.

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